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“ipSCAPE was critical to our business during COVID-19, allowing us to quickly adapt to working from home. This allowed us to not just continue fundraising activities for our charity clients, but to grow our business and support more Charities.” – Ross Howe, CEO, Cornucopia

1. The Business

Cornucopia are leaders in face to face and tele fundraising with offices in Australia and New Zealand. Cornucopia’s tele fundraising team was established in 2015 in answer to the demand from charities in the Australian market seeking an agency who treats each and every donor with respect and care, and are able to recruit committed, regular donors.

Cornucopia is an advocate for creating best practices for the fundraising industry, and is motivated to ensure a positive outcome for all stakeholders, from the donor through to the beneficiary. The company fundraises on behalf of renowned charities such as Mission Australia, Oxfam, Medicine Sans Frontiers and Royal Flying Doctor Service.


2. The Challenge

Cornucopia were looking for a solution that would replace their PBX solution which lacked reporting functionality and the ability for call recordings which is essential for their business.

3. The Solution

ipSCAPE was chosen above a dozen other providers due to its rich feature set, reporting functionality, and the fact that ipSCAPE was able to demonstrate a commitment to be a partner, not just a transactional technology provider. ipSCAPE provided Cornucopia with call recording and real-time reporting functionality, further enhanced by coupling CRM data with Microsoft Power BI and financial data.


4. The Benefits

  • Work from Home
  • Consistent Customer Experience
  • Call Recording 
  • Speech Analytics 
  • PCI Payments 
  • Real-time Reporting 

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