Maximise your Sales Opportunities

ipSCAPE’s automated outbound dialler improves your contact rates, increases agent productivity and reduces customer waiting times

Increase or decrease the speed of your outbound campaign calls to match your campaign performance requirements

Our feature-rich contact centre solution includes powerful elements such as

Answer Machine Detection

ipSCAPE’s Outbound Dialler detects answer machines, only connecting agents when a customer answers their phone, thereby improving conversion rates for your call centre.


Seamless CRM Integration

Integrating with your CRM allows agents to gain more control and create a better customer experience by providing visibility of the customer record, prior to initiating the call.


Ability to quickly scale your call centre operations up or down to maximise your sales returns.

Customisable Outbound Dialler

Adjust the speed of your outbound campaign calls to match your campaign performance requirements

Outbound Dialler

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"We rely on ipSCAPE to convert more opportunities and grow revenue. The seamless integration with Salesforce is an effective way of empowering our team with customer information at the time of the call. If you use the phone to make Sales Calls, you need ipSCAPE"

Sales Leader of leading Australian Marketing Organisation

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Predictive Outbound Dialler for your Cloud Contact Centre 

The Software as a Service cloud-based business model provides flexible pricing and scalability to ramp up or down to suit your outbound sales campaigns.

ipSCAPE comes with advanced dialler capabilities – Predictive, Preview and Progressive.

Combine this with our management tools such as List Weighting to increase conversion rate and maximise your reach.

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