Communication Technology for Healthcare Organisations

Easily Manage Patient Communications

With the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many Healthcare organisations are experiencing a surge in call volumes, impacting their ability to provide exceptional patient care and maintain staff productivity. 

ipSCAPE’s Cloud Communication Technology helps medical centres, hospitals, and pathology organisations manage high call volumes and improve the patient experience.

Effectively Route Calls

Resolve patient queries quickly by routing calls based on the skill-set of your workers, through Skills-based routing.

Offer Self-service Options

Achieve automation by resolving simple patient queries such as clinic opening hours through your IVR.

Leverage Geo-Routing

Transfer patient calls to the right clinic using smart geo-routing IVR technology.

Live & Historic Reports

Gain visibility on call volumes and outcomes through live and historic reporting to make data-driven decisions.

Integrate with Leading Technology

ipSCAPE can easily integrate with existing CRMs and Insights tools such as Microsoft Dynamics and PowerBI to minimise barriers to adoption.

Cater to Communications Preferences

Engage with patients through their preferred channel–  Phone, Email, Web Chat, and SMS.

Improve and Measure Patient Experience

Remove the callers’ wait time with the feature ‘Maintain Position in Queue’. Easily measure patient experience scores with ipSCAPE’s post-call survey.

Experience Local 24/7 Support

Our team is based in Australia and can offer a fast implementation and 24/7 support for your team.

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ipSCAPE powers customer communications for leading Australian Healthcare services.

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