Connected communications for frontline workers

Deliver great patient experiences and keep your remote health staff well-informed with Health Connect

Cloud communication and collaboration technology for Healthcare 

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Invest in technology that improves the patient experience to bridge the communication gap between patients, their families and carers.

Connected Communications for palliative care, aged care, and after-hours doctor services

Create great patient experiences and improve efficiencies with – Health Connect

Health Connect is a cloud solution built for frontline health workers to help them exceed patient communication expectations.

With an increasingly aging population, the demand for aged care services and palliative care is rising in Australia.

More Australian families are entrusting healthcare organisations to provide care and support to their loved ones which has resulted in a focus on the patient experience to drive better patient outcomes.

Healthcare organisations need to invest in technology that improves the patient experience to bridge the communication gap between patients, their families and carers so your team has the right tools to provide the highest quality care.

Additionally, with COVID-19 accelerating the expectation of access to 24/7 healthcare, after-hour doctor and telehealth services are also in high demand. As the industry will see a $537 billion investment from the Federal Government over the next four years – it is the perfect opportunity to invest in technology applications that can help you maximise your patient experience and deliver connected care.

ipSCAPE’s Health Connect solution helps you:

Support your remote staff

Ensure workers who are moving across multiple locations such as home visits and aged care facilities can easily receive notifications including changes to their roster, patient tasks, or appointments

Doctor checking her roster changes and appointments for the day
Aged care support worker meeting her patients family and strengthening relationships

Strengthen relationships

Give your patients and their families peace of mind by easily connecting them to the healthcare professional who is on call through smart routing

Make data-driven decisions

Visualise data through Power BI to gain visibility on call volumes and call reasons to help organisations make better operational decisions

Make data-driven decisions through visualising valuable customer data
Make changes to the IVR and quickly adjust communications

Easily update communications

Provide your organisation with the controls to make communication updates through the IVR such as changes in health orders or restrictions, particularly during unexpected events

Intelligently route callers

Efficiently route callers to the most appropriate healthcare facility by integrating patient and family information into your calling workflows

    Route callers to the most appropriate healthcare facility

    We provide you with the right cloud communication technology so you can focus on providing the best clinical care for your patients

    Healthcare communications that integrates with:

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