Elevate your member experience through advanced integration

Leverage ipSCAPE’s multi-channel communication software to improve your member experiences and effectively measure satisfaction metrics.   

Build deeper relationships with your members

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We help Financial Planning and Superannuation institutions to 

Personalise the member experience  

ipSCAPE’s intelligent IVR allows you to communicate tailored messages to your members through the IVR. Members can call in and receive personalised messages depending on their query. 

Measure, monitor and track customer satisfaction metrics 

Gain insight into your customers experiences through implementing post-call surveys that allow callers to rate their experience with you. 

Leverage ipSCAPE Insights to track your results over time and review your strategy. ipSCAPE Insights provides a database and a connector to leading BI tools to gain visibility on your member experiences, and drive greater business outcomes.  

Understand sentiment 

ipSCAPE’s Speech Analytics solution allows you to understand sentiment without having to spend hours analysing call recordings.  

The solution transcribes call recordings and detects satisfaction through the use of certain phrases.  

Quickly and effectively route members  

Ensure your members speak with the right person for their queries. Through the IVR, members will be routed to member services, general enquiriesor event registrations 

Manage membership renewals

Ensure that you can execute and report on your renewal campaigns using leading outbound diallertechnology.  

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