Speech Analytics

Listen, decipher, and analyse customer interactions to turn conversations into actionable insights

Gain Valuable Conversational Insights

Speech analytics provides insights into your  interactions to understand customer emotions while also monitoring the productivity of your contact centre. 

Using leading artificial intelligence technology as well as advanced stereo call recording capabilities, calls from your contact centre can be transcribed and analysed to derive insights for your business.

‘Listen’ to every call, understand every customer interaction and be assured that you are meeting compliance requirements.


ipSCAPE reporting insights
Optimise your contact centre with QA

Enhance Quality Assurance Techniques

Meeting call centre Quality Assurance (QA) is often a manual process listening to calls (usually 5-10%), and scoring these calls for quality and compliance.

Speech analytics automates this process. We work with you to create queries to filter and tag your data, providing data visualisation tools to help you easily ensure compliance metrics are achieved.

Features to turn your conversations into actionable insights

‘Listen’ to every customer interaction. Meet your compliance requirements and delight your customers.


Compliance Requirements

Use speech analytics to meet call centre compliance requirements and legal obligations.

Easily ensure terms and conditions or disclosures were read


Call Recording

Manage compliance and agent performance using call recordings. 

A standard feature within ipSCAPE, all calls are recorded in full stereo, securely encrypted and uniquely identifiable.

Full Suite of Reports

A full range of contact centre reports, including agent interactions, agent action reports, QA assessment and speech analytics findings can drive improvement within your call centre.

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