5 Ways Comparison Site Organisations can Optimise their Dialler Strategy

Posted: 1 June 2023

Comparison sites allow customers to search, filter and compare products based on price, reviews, ratings, features and other criteria. It is critical comparison site organisations leverage the best dialler software to reach more customers and gain revenue efficiently.

In this blog, we will explore how comparison site organisations can optimise their dialler strategy to increase sales through utilising advanced contact centre technology.

What is Dialler Software?

Dialler software can be defined as the piece of technology that enables individuals to make automated outgoing phone calls, with the ability to assign an outcome (i.e. a wrap code) to each phone call. Dialler managers use this software to upload a list of contacts and their details for employees to call. After calls are made, managers can understand the progress and outcomes of the calls and their employees’ performance through reports and dashboards.

ipSCAPE’s outbound dialler software offers different dialler modes, including predictive, preview and progressive. Each dialler mode can be applied according to the organisation’s dialling strategy and can support employees to maximise productivity and contact rates.

Comparison site organisations can improve operational efficiencies by leveraging a call centre Application Programming Interface (API), which enables integration with other cloud applications, e.g. a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. ipSCAPE’s call centre APIs have been packaged to create a pre-built Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) adaptor for leading CRM platforms, allowing employees to operate through a single pane of glass.

Here are 5 Ways for Comparison Site Organisations to Optimise their Dialling Strategy:

  1. Apply the predictive dialler mode:
  • A predictive dialler accelerates productivity for high-volume outbound phone sales teams. Operating at the intersection of efficiency and intelligence, the predictive dialler makes several automated calls and only connects an agent to a customer that has answered the call. This dialler operates by applying an algorithm that estimates how long it will take for an agent to become available based on an analysis of an agent’s past performance. This dialler mode alleviates the need for an agent to consume their time listening to the ringtone and waiting for a customer to answer. In doing so, the predictive dialler maximises contact rates, enabling agents to talk to more customers, thus improving their productivity and increasing the likelihood of making a sale.
  1. Utilise reporting to analyse and forecast customer behaviour:
  • Comparison site organisations can leverage a reporting module to review past performance to uncover patterns and trends based on previous customer interactions, where insights can be identified, e.g., what time of the day typically results in more customers answering the phone. These insights can assist organisations in optimising their dialling strategy to capture increases in contact rates. A Business Intelligence (BI) tool, such as Power BI, can assist in forecasting workforce management needs through using historical metrics to predict future traffic handled by the contact centre.
  1. Leverage APIs to seamlessly integrate with your CRM:
  • Comparison site organisations can leverage call centre APIs to create deeper integration points with their CRM platform. These integrations can help to arm agents with relevant information that allows them to personalise their interactions with customers, which can improve sales conversion. Using Call Centre APIs for integration with your CRM can automate the transfer of data between each application, which eliminates the requirement for agents to input data when updating customer records manually; this reduces the chance of human error to occur and saves agent time. The CTI adaptor can support the automation of administrative tasks such as updating call interaction notes and attaching the call recording within a customer’s record. ipSCAPE’s cloud contact centre solution provides a pre-built CTI adaptor for leading CRM, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow. ipSCAPE’s CTI adaptors can assist comparison site agents in understanding previous conversations with them and reduce administrative tasks as crucial information about the call, such as the time and duration, can be automatically logged.
  1. Improve the effectiveness of your agents pitch through using Scripts:
  • A script can be seen as a guide to structure an agent’s conversation when speaking with a prospective customer. A well-crafted script can support an agent in communicating all key points and delivering a consistent value proposition within their pitch. Scripts can be customised to include personalised messaging related to the customer, which can assist in building strong relationships. A script can also be a valuable tool for training new agents as they learn to highlight key differentiation points between products offered.
  1. Prioritise active buyers:
  • Active buyers can be perceived as customers submitting a form on the website requesting contact. Comparison site organisations must configure the dialler to prioritise calling customers who have completed a form submission. This will improve the speed of follow-ups – a call made 5 minutes after a customer submits a contact form, compared to a call made 45 minutes after, can make the difference between successfully or unsuccessfully making a sale. ipSCAPE’s cloud contact centre solution facilitates this process through call centre API integration which automatically loads a web form completion to a  ‘lead list’ prioritised over all other calls. Organisations can improve customer responsiveness by prioritising active buyers through intelligent dialler software.

If you’d like to discover how ipSCAPE can help optimise your dialler capabilities with our advanced contact centre solution, get in touch to find out how ipSCAPE’s award-winning software can help you maximise every sales opportunity.

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