What business can learn from a scared cat

Posted: 28 June 2016
Have you ever felt that your business wasn’t big enough? Ever felt that your competitors are taking a larger slice of the pie than you think is right? Well, it might be time to look big.

I don’t mean hire a ten storey building for your 50 staff, or run huge ad campaigns that blow any chance of positive ROI out of the water. I mean implement a few effective solutions within your business that let you scale quickly and operate like a big business.

Let’s take a look at cats. When they get threatened they arch their backs, open their eyes, and flash their jaws. They do this just to look bigger than what they are to make predators second guess attacking them. In a similar fashion, making yourself look big in the eyes of consumers can scare off competitors and leave more market for you.

So how do you do affect such feline behaviour in business? The most simple and immediately effective way is in your customer communications. Nothing says large, efficient, quality and trusted quite like a consistent customer experience.

Customers should be able to call your business at any time, talk to anyone in your contact centre and have the same great experience no matter who they talk to. This means that if someone calls you on a Friday about a product query, when they call back next Tuesday it feels like a continuation of the same conversation, no matter who is on the other end of the line.

A cloud contact centre is a particularly effective way of implementing such continuity. The power of a cloud contact centre is in all the in-built functionality, from live and dynamic call scripts, to scalable call teams, to a data-rich customer information tracking system.

Customers now – and rightly so – demand first-class service from economy brands. So just because you don’t have 500 offices in 30 countries, doesn’t mean you can’t be known for outstanding customer engagement. I’m not endorsing glaring angrily at your competitors but I am endorsing demanding more from your business in how you build relationships with customers.