Make the most of your CRM with Contact Centre Software

Posted: 21 May 2021

CRM vs Contact Centre Software  

Companies need the right tools and technologies to provide exceptional customer service that sets them apart from their competitors. Contact centre technology is a crucial tool for facilitating customer engagements and improving customer service. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems arms the agent with information to create personalised customer experiences, but must be used in conjunction with contact centre software which powers the communication tools needed to deliver the message. 

Customer Service  

Customers have come to expect a high level of customer service. They expect their calls to be answered quickly, to have self-service options, and for agents to be aware of their previous interactions with the company. Customers don’t want to continually repeat themselves to different agents, and instead expect agents to communicate and transfer information on their behalf.  

What is a CRM? 

A CRM is a single source for all customer information and previous interactions. It provides a complete overview of a customer’s history with a company, from their first interaction to their most recent. A CRM can track engagements across all channels, whether the customer communicated with the company via phone, email, SMS or web chat. It can even show billing information and previous product purchases. Some popular CRM tools used in Australia include Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Benefits of Contact Centre Software and CRM usage  

When used in conjunction with contact centre software, CRMs can optimise customer communications. As a leader in Australian Contact Centre software, ipSCAPE provides CTIs (Computer Telephony Integrations) to easy enable phone calls within your CRM.  

The CTI used in conjunction with the ipSCAPE dialler can increase sales revenue by increasing the productivity of staff and ensuring the CRM is automatically updated with the latest customer information. 

CRMs are a valuable tool for creating personalised customer experiences and ensuring there is conversation continuity when engaging with a company. Having a single view of customers enables agents to be prepared, efficient and effective when answering customer calls. Agents can familiarise themselves with previous customer queries and start to prepare a solution before they have even answered the phone. Similarly, for inbound customer calls, a record in the CRM will ‘pop’ the customer’s information, arming agents with relevant and timely information. 

CRM integration with contact centre software can produce actionable insights to improve the customer journey. CRM data can be used to measure contact centre metrics such as average handling time and first call resolution. This data can be used to identify issues and trends, and help to optimise agent efficiency and improve customer service. 

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