Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Is your Contact Centre prepared?

Posted: 11 March 2020

As the cases for coronavirus (COVID-19) increase around the world, many businesses are approaching ipSCAPE to understand how they can enable flexible working arrangements and ensure business continuity for their contact centre, customer service and sales teams. From a managerial perspective, some elements of work are outside of your locus of control, however, by using ipSCAPE your sales and customer service team will always be something within your control,  irrespective of location.

With an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the fact of the matter is that many major companies in Australia have insisted that their employees work remotely. In the past few days, some businesses had staff who came into close proximity of the coronavirus.

Consequently, many are now reviewing their work-from-home policies, with recent events being a catalyst for organisations to consider a cloud-first technology strategy. In Australia, Vodafone, Foxtel, Cisco, OMD Media and Clayton Utz have recently enacted emergency work from home procedures and sent their employees home. Remote working is a smart move for many organisations as fears rise amid the growing number of COVID-19 cases, but before business make the transition they need to be adequately prepared with tools. As a true cloud solution, our customers already have the technology they need to ensure productivity is maintained should their staff need to work from home.


Therefore, what considerations do businesses need to make to ensure they are best prepared given recent uncertainty?


Think Cloud

Cloud solutions such as ipSCAPE provides freedom for your employees to be able to work from anywhere, with just an internet browser and a headset.

Managers also have reporting tools they can use to monitor productivity of team members, arming supervisors with live data to keep employees accountable for their own performance.

Emergency Response Features 

In the event your building gets evacuated, ipSCAPE provides easy to update workflows to enable calls to be routed to Voicemail, an announcement to be played to advise customers of the situation or for customer to request a call-back.

The benefits of a simple and agile system are obvious, especially when you need to make changes at short notice. ipSCAPE’s professional team of consultants also help our clients review and optimise their workflows to ensure they are ready should an unforeseen event occur.

Interoperability – Business applications that work together

Consider all the applications your team needs to do their work. ipSCAPE seamlessly integrates with other cloud solutions such as CRMs, Workforce Management tools and Business Analytics. ipSCAPE also has direct routing with Teams, so you can also monitor the ‘presence’ of your employees and they have access to conferencing features and collaboration tools.

ipSCAPE also has open APIs to enable seamless interoperability with other applications such as CRMs (Salesforce, Zendesk and Service Now), reducing double handling to improve the productivity of your team.

Trusted Technology Partners

As a technology partner, ipSCAPE have the expertise to help companies understand how cloud communication technology can be included as part of their business continuity plans. This ensures that ongoing operations do not come to a halt in the event of an emergency.

Support and Reliability

Should you have trouble with any of your ipSCAPE workflows and campaigns during an emergency, our team offers 24/7 support. Our team is based in Australia and take pride in helping our customers build exceptional customers experiences.

ipSCAPE are a trusted technology partner for many leading organisations , and we are committed to supporting our clients best understand how cloud technology can ensure their contact centre is still providing excellent customer experiences no matter what external factors may come.

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