Customer Experience Management – How Important is Omni-Channel?

Posted: 16 January 2018

With each new technical innovation, customers are evolving their communication preferences. With email, Web Chat, SMS, and social media as the normal medium, the traditional voice channels can sometimes be less in demand.

Traditional contact centres need to adapt to meet the needs of the ever-changing environment by expanding their available options to embrace omni-channel communications that genuinely manage their customers experience end-to-end.

Omni-channel means more than just cobbling together different modules. Just offering voice and web chat (through a separate widget) and email (through your email client), does not enable a real customer omni-channel experience.

Omni-channel is about having all communication channels and CRM databases working as one integrated central system, which delivers a single view of the customer across all media. No communication gaps, no silos: having the full picture of a customer in one place is the only way to ensure that your customer experiences are optimal. Then when you add powerful business analytics to the mix, you have the tools to gain insights that will help you optimise your customer experience by making better decisions, faster and more accurately.

At ipSCAPE, we offer true Omni-channel contact centre solutions and it’s in the Cloud! Meaning, you get the benefit of a powerful customer experience management platform with all the benefits that go with a cloud solution: rapid deployment, a lower total cost of ownership, built in redundancy and data security. ipSCAPE also offers concurrent user agent licensing meaning you “Pay as you Go” and only pay for what you use.

One of the key benefits of a Cloud based omni-channel solution is the ability to test new digital channels rapidly with minimal risk and no extra cost. Contact Centres using ipSCAPE’s solution pay a single competitive price for all voice and digital channels. They also have direct control of the software – which means they can test and activate new digital channels in days. There’s no reliance on IT or 3rd Parties.

So while customer experience management is a term now commonly used, organisations need to evolve rapidly and deliver a true digital Omni-channel customer experience. Technologies such as ipSCAPE’s provide an opportunity for all Contact Centres to take their first steps into digital quickly and cost effectively.