Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Centre

Posted: 26 November 2018

There are many definitions of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is the simulation of human behaviour and intelligence by machines, predominantly by computer systems. AI is increasingly being used in several industries and fields and is especially prominent in contact centres.

The widespread use of AI is highlighted in Gartner’s 2018 Hype Cycle for emerging trends, and the hype is reflected in the growing use of AI in the contact centre. What that role is, needs to be determined; will contact centres be fully automated by artificially driven robots, or is a human touch the preferred method by customers.

Applying AI in the contact centre

How is AI being applied in the contact centre?

There are many variations of applying AI in the contact centre, including chatbots, sentiment analysis, smart call routing and speech analytics.

  • Chatbots – chatbots are always available and are consistently reliable. Interactions have progressed beyond ineffective ‘robotic’ answers to questions. Live chatbots can answer simple queries more efficiently and quickly than a human could. This does not eliminate the need for humans though, as chatbots can’t process the subtle emotions and tones that humans can. It is therefore important to engage both humans and chatbots – chatbots to answer repetitive, simple queries and humans to make the interactions more compelling. This creates a better service experience and  makes the agents’ role more interesting
  • Speech Analytics – Quality Assurance is a standard call centre process. Traditionally, calls have been listened to by a human, typically only managing to listen to 5-10% of calls. With artificial intelligence-driven speech analytics, 100% of calls can be listened to. The tool can flag any issues to ensure that quality and compliance standards are being met. Previously not possible, this creates efficiencies and cost savings within the contact centre

There are many more examples of AI applications. Finding the right partner to implement is just as important as the applications themselves.

Human versus Robot

While automated interactions which use artificial intelligence present an opportunity for businesses to deliver a positive customer experience, to deliver a legendary customer service, contact centre agents and AI need to work together.

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