Dialler technology – What are the different types of Diallers?

Posted: 2 July 2019

Dialler technology is about maximising the amount of time agents spend speaking to customers, and can improve your contact rates resulting in increased sales.

If you have a customer database and need to reach a list of contacts and optimise the time your agents are on calls, dialler technology can help your business.

Rather than have agents dial numbers manually and then wait to see if someone answers, diallers call your list of contacts and only connects to an agent if someone has answered.

What are the different types of Diallers?

Progressive Dialler

Numbers are dialled only when an agent is available

Preview Dialler

Customer information is delivered to the agent before the call to give agents a chance to familiarise themselves prior to the call

Predictive Dialler

The most sophisticated type of dialler that dials multiple numbers at the same time on the assumption that some of the calls will be abandoned, directed to voicemail, or go unanswered.  Algorithms forecast the ratio of available agents to live calls in order to dial numbers before agents become available.

Data is collected about the percentage of answered calls and the dial time which the system uses to forecast contact rates and determines the pace at which numbers are dialled.

ipSCAPE has in-built dialler technology which includes features such as:

Multi-number dialling

Increase campaign productivity quickly and effectively by dialling multiple client records.

Answering machine detection

Improve your connection rate to live customers by screening out answering machine contacts.

Preview dialler

Give agents more control by providing visibility of the customer record prior to initiating the call.

Predictive adaptive dialler

Align live outbound campaign call ratios to agent call answering ratios to maximise campaign effectiveness.

Auto preview dialler

Setting a clear time limit for agents on preview mode to review customer information will increase their productivity

List loader

Reduce data errors and improve productivity with the list loading process.
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