Enterprise grade voice – What is it? Why does it matter for your Contact Centre?

Posted: 26 April 2022

Digital transformation has become a top priority for organisations in a post-pandemic world. With so many cloud telephony solutions out in the market, including numerous VOIP options, it is important to choose the right solution for your business. VoiP products have a reputation for poor quality and unreliability and even the big global VoiP players have had major outages in recent years. 

When it comes to business unified communications and contact centre, you need an enterprise grade voice solution that is reliable, provides redundancy to protect from outages, and provides the call quality your customers expect. 

The good news is that this is all now possible in the cloud.

Why Call Quality matters for your Contact Centre 

Ensuring your customers can clearly communicate with you is foundational to creating a good customer experience. No matter how well trained your staff, or how amazing your product or service, if a customer or agent cannot hear you due to call quality issues or drop-outs then you have failed. You need enterprise grade voice. 

You could even be missing calls entirely, and you may not even know about it. 

What you need to ask your contact centre technology provider 

  • Do you offer geo-redundancy? 
  • Which local Telecommunication providers do you partner with? 
  • How do you handle high volumes of calls or peaks in a contact centre environment? 
  • What are the limitations of calls held in queue? What happens to calls when this limit is reached? 
  • Are there other rate limits for calls? Per minute? Per hour? 

Contact Centre technology provider ipSCAPE operates a geo-redundant, enterprise grade voice platform, that gives you transparent access to multiple tier one Australian carriers. Some features which set ipSCAPE’s Enterprise Voice offering apart include: 

  • Redundancy is built in, if one of the network operators is having a problem, you do not need to do anything – failover is automatic 
  • Voice quality is second to none – we operate a platform that is built for the high volumes in contact centre environments, including both running calls and calls in queue. ipSCAPE’s telco-infrastructure is powered by Microsoft Azure for unparalleled security, scalability and performance 
  • Call quality targets – Standard services often have hidden volume or rate limits, which can affect your voice quality and even ability to handle calls at all.  

Standard business voice services are often under provisioned, which does make them more affordable, but this also causes them to become saturated at peak times. On top of that – Contact Centre use is against the terms of service of most such services, leaving you with no recourse when service fails. 

In some cases you might not even see this happening because the provider can reject calls before they reach you. We have had customers whose real call volumes were up to twice what they thought they were because their provider was silently rejecting large numbers of calls during peak times. 

With ipSCAPE, we work with you to understand your call requirements and ensure you get the same quality standard for every call. Our system can handle spikes in volume without losing visibility and our team of Voice engineers ensure our platform is at optimum performance, monitoring for Jitter and MOS (Mean Opinion Score). For extreme scenarios, we can even capture call back details for you to get back to people when things quiet down. 

ipSCAPE has helped customers deliver their services under a wide variety of conditions, ensuring the service is available when their customers need it. The effect on your KPI’s including Sales conversions and Grade Of Service (GOS) scores can be significant. Even the ability to make basic operational decisions such as staffing requirements can be difficult if your voice service isn’t working correctly. 

If you are concerned about the call quality and resilience of your business communications, contact ipSCAPE and one of our voice experts will show you the difference a truly enterprise grade service can make.