Generation Y – do I really have to call?

Posted: 30 March 2016

Do you have a sales and engagement strategy for targeting Gen Y? Does it include a voice or phone element as a key way of engaging them? If so, you may find yourself shouting at a brick wall.

Web chat is now Gen Y’s preferred method of speaking to brands. As the first generation to grow up with the internet, the new channels like web chat, email, text and social all rank far higher than voice for preferred methods of communication with a company. This trend towards digital isn’t just limited to Gen Y either; web chat is now ranked as the third most preferred method of engagement for ALL other generations across the world.

Back in the early years of contact centres and customer engagement, voice was crucial but with Gen Y commanding more income and consumer spending, it’s now time for businesses to get smart and communicate with customers on their terms. It’s not that they don’t want to engage with a brand – just look at the volume of comments on brand Facebook pages to see they still want to stay in touch – it’s just that more and more consumers are not only digitally savvy but attached to their smart devices.

Looking at the broader landscape, it becomes very clear that this trend towards digital with web chat at the forefront will not only continue but accelerate.

Take the TV and entertainment industry as an example. According to AIMIA, 61 per cent of Australians prefer their mobile device over a TV and 30 per cent will not only use their mobile phone while in bed but also while watching TV. Some may call it addiction but we call it an opportunity.

The bigger picture makes it clear that digital is the way forward. The days of voice are numbered.

If you only have a voice only strategy now, it’s not all bad news. Cloud can help you get ready fast.

The adoption of cloud services by Australian businesses has already set the foundation for agile responses to Gen Y demands. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost 70 per cent of Australian businesses are using cloud services. With customer engagement, a cloud contact centre empowers businesses to test, scale and rollout digital channels quickly and cost effectively. The key is agility, both in terms of quickly testing and rolling out digital strategies, as well as scaling services up or down to meet demand.

If you’re looking to add digital channels to your contact centre then Web chat is a great first step. Most buying decisions are now led by the internet. So having a Web Chat presence on your website gives you the opportunity to engage early with customers. It’s live, so customers can develop a more personal relationship with a brand, and in a cloud contact centre it is integrated with existing voice engagement, so all customer information is at the fingertips of contact centre agents.

If you feel you’re shouting at a wall, it might be time to look to the cloud and embrace digital.