How to Record a Phone Call Using Call Recording Software

Posted: 21 October 2022

The ability to record phone calls in your call centre or contact centre can be highly beneficial for your business, from ensuring compliance, to improving agent performance and enhancing the customer experience.

Call recording software is an essential tool that can be used to record, store, search and access recordings when required.

How to use call recording software to improve your contact centre

Using contact centre call recording software can be a simple yet highly effective way to enhance the way your team handles calls and service customers.

Here’s how choosing the right call recording solution can help make your contact centre run more efficiently while delivering a better customer experience:

Boost customer satisfaction

Storing your call recordings can enable you to listen to customer interactions, assess agent performance and identify areas for improvement.

Call recordings can provide valuable insights into the way queries and requests are handled, allowing you to modify processes and individual agent actions to improve customer service.

Meet compliance requirements

Aside from customer service improvements, call recording software can also help you to maintain compliance with regulatory obligations by monitoring call recordings to ensure agents are adhering to applicable legal requirements.

Different industries will require companies to store their call recordings for specific time periods. In the financial services industry, organisations must securely store recordings for seven years. Businesses must ensure that their call recording software can fulfil this requirement and store call data for their mandatory timeframe.

Improve agent performance

Call recordings can be used by your Quality Assurance team to assess agent performance, enabling the facilitation of tailored training and feedback sessions based on actual performance.

Managers and supervisors can use call recordings to form the basis of contact centre agent training for future new hires or demonstration purposes using real-world examples.

Gain Business Insight

Contact Centres can use high-quality stereo call recordings and input these into Speech Analytics tools which can utilise sophisticated AI technology to decipher customer sentiment and insights at scale. Ensuring your contact centre technology has high quality call recording capabilities is essential for organisations looking to implement Speech Analytics for business insights.

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Businesses can easily QA calls through the ‘bookmark’ feature. A visual cue or ‘bookmark’ is shown in the call recording to identify when specific policies or terms and conditions are played.