How to Utilise Schedules in your Contact Centre

Posted: 26 April 2023

Envision this – Labour Day in New South Wales, a public holiday celebrated across different dates in Australia. Your organisation’s customer service representatives are based in NSW, and customers in other States are attempting to interact with your brand by calling in and sending messages through Web Chat. Since it is a public holiday, no staff members are responding to any of these customers – this is a poor customer experience.

How can you avoid this experience from happening?

In this blog, we will cover what scheduling a workflow is and how to use this feature to ensure a positive and consistent customer experience is delivered, even throughout public holidays and out-of-business hours.

What is a schedule in a Contact Centre solution?

The ‘schedules’ feature allows organisations to cater to incoming customer queries during out-of-business hours or public holidays. Schedules can be applied by creating a workflow within your IVR with parameters set for a specified length of time, designated regions and timezones.

The benefits of applying schedules

Creating schedules ensures that when customers do call outside of standard operating hours, a positive customer experience can still be delivered.  Depending on how your organisation decides to set up the workflow, customers can either self-serve to resolve their query or select to receive a call-back once operating hours re-commence, thus catering to different customer preferences.

Schedules can also be duplicated, i.e., weekday business operating hours and recurring public holidays, to save managers time when creating the same workflow for the same purpose. Duplicating schedules also reduces human error, such as if a manager unintentionally omitted a schedule.

ipSCAPE’s advanced contact centre solution allows organisations to create customisable schedules to handle incoming enquiries based on their unique circumstances. From an outbound perspective, ipSCAPE’s dialler can also be configured to prevent your agents from calling another state where a public holiday may fall. This functionality avoids frustration that may eventuate from your customers being called on a public holiday.

Applying schedules across your workflows can improve the customer experience, minimise the risk of human error and optimise operational efficiencies.

If you’d like to discover how ipSCAPE can help you better serve your customers, improve customer experiences, and automate processes, check out our powerful cloud-based IVR solutions or get in touch to find out how ipSCAPE’s award-winning software can help your contact centre operate more efficiently and effectively.

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