Publicis: ipSCAPE creates more Effective Campaigns & Reduces Cost

Posted: 10 November 2013

Sydney, Australia – 23 September 2013 – Publicis, a global leader in full service B2B and B2C marketing has chosen ipSCAPE’s cloud technology to power its Australian based contact centres.


Publicis delivers premium customer relationship management and customer support service programmes for leading brands which include airlines, government agencies and insurance companies. Efficient, responsive, innovative contact centre operations sit at the core of the Publicis business model, which makes the choice of enabling technology a business critical decision.


Prior to working with ipSCAPE, Publicis operated a traditional on-premise technology in all contact centres. The solution required a significant outlay of capital for licenses which had to be purchased in minimum bundles of 10. Implementation and professional services costs were high and ongoing changes to the technology had to be made by 3rd party vendors which further increased cost and caused time delays.  Even small changes to a campaign call flow could cost thousands of dollars and take several days to implement.


In contrast, with ipSCAPE Publicis can make these changes in-house and in real time, resulting in a substantial reduction in overall technology costs per year. Campaigns are also more agile, with Publicis able to track performance minute by minute and scale operations seamlessly during high call volume peaks.


Richard Switzky, Managing Partner at Publicis Solutions Loyalty said: “ipSCAPE’s public cloud solution has given us greater control over our contact centre and campaigns which translates into competitive advantage for us and for our clients.  Our teams can now set up new campaigns in hours, or manage changes to agent allocations or IVR flows in minutes – which means we implement new projects faster as well as avoiding large 3rd party vendor fees.


“In addition to the cost benefits, ipSCAPE’s solution also has greater standard functionality than our previous technology such as call recording and a predictive dialer and is simple and intuitive to use.  We have found the ipSCAPE help desk responsive for all technical service management and are professional and understanding of our need for quick resolution of issues.


“When it comes to Business Continuity Planning having a cloud hosted solution makes it much simpler to change facilities if the need arises since the solution can be delivered from any office, home or remote location.”


ipSCAPE CEO Simon Burke said Publicis now have access to the latest software innovation in contact centres: “ipSCAPE’s cloud solution has been developed to ensure customers like Publicis can make an easy, fast decision about contact centre technology – whilst still benefiting from best in class functionality and cost savings. Our vision is to shift the control of technology away from third party suppliers and back in the hands of the business – where it belongs”.