Scalability Can Be Achieved Through Cloud-Based Services

Posted: 25 October 2017

It is important for businesses to be able to scale services quickly in times of high demand and to meet customer need. The ability to do so is crucial to business success, no matter what your size.

Telstra is a prime example of a business that has recognised the importance of this and has opted to add extra communications technicians to its workforce.

Having the flexibility to scale quickly in times of high demand is key. While Telstra did this by adding to its workforce, one of the most common and flexible ways for many businesses to achieve scalability today is through the adoption of cloud-based services.

When a business needs to scale, it generally needs to happen yesterday. Deployment needs to be fast – this is where cloud-based businesses come into their own. Because there is no hardware, businesses centric services can be implemented in weeks, not months, and for a fraction of the cost.

As cloud technology is more adaptable and doesn’t require the structure of hardware, it also means providers can be more fluid with the payment structure.

For example, a customer call centre generally requires a 12-month contract of upfront licences. In contrast, a pay-as-you-go model is driven by the flexibility and scalability of cloud technology. As a result, a pay-as-you-go pricing structure can help to ensure maximum returns at the lowest possible cost, allowing the business to easily scale customer service up and down depending on demand at that time.

By ensuring the resources are in place to scale easily, a business can be fluid and adapt to the constantly changing business environment, which is crucial to any business’ success today.