Serving Customers through Social Media

Posted: 7 June 2011

I was invited to attend an AMPlify presentation by Jeremiah Owang about “Serving Customers through Social Media”.


It was well worthwhile and reassured me that ipSCAPE is not missing a trick when it comes to our social media strategy – although some ipSCAPE people could become a little more social media savvy.  Jeremiah spoke about a 4 stage social media plan: Phase 1 – get internally ready; Phase 2 – company to customer; Phase 3 – customer to customer; and Phase 4 – Social Support Systems.  Lots of examples throughout and a simple workflow model from the US AirForce that offers a simple flowchart to deal with negative and positive ‘threats’ or communication types.


One other nugget was the merits of tracking customers according to their ‘social influence’ (a new tick box for our  Top afternoon! ipSCAPE will be briefing Jeremiah on our latest AMS innovation soon!