TELSTRA-Backed Cloud Call Centre Provider, IPSCAPE Going Global

Posted: 5 November 2012

Stuart Corner (ITwire)


ipSCAPE’s plan is to go to market through carriers and in Europe it partners with BT, whose main focus to date has been the UK market.


“In January we will be going into Ireland with BT and we are formalising the alliance with BT for other countries,” Burke said. He added that the company was not presently looking for other carrier partners.


According to Burke the key advantages of the ipSCAPE product over conventional premises based call centre systems are its flexibility, pay for usage charging model and the control and reporting functionality it gives call centre managers.


“As companies grapple with what to do about customer service, cloud reshapes the whole commercial model. There is no upfront cost. You are paying for what you use. And with cloud, companies have real time insight into the customer interaction world…It gives the people running the contact centre the ability to be in charge of the technology they have the ability to adapt the technology to their needs.


Burke was dismissive of attempts by the major vendors of premises-based call centre systems to migrate their offerings into the cloud.

“They are trying to rebrand themselves as cloud but all that means is that the servers that used to sit in the premises are being moved to a data centre. That is a fake cloud. They cannot provide the same lever of agility. A true cloud technology is designed to be browser based.”


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