What is Cloud Contact Centre and why is it important?

Posted: 20 February 2020
What is a Cloud Contact Centre?

A Cloud Contact Centre is a scalable, internet accessible, customer experience tool that utilises cloud technology to power communications through voice, web chat and email without any hardware. 

Information Overload 

In 2020 organisations must be customer-centric and more focused than ever. As a Contact Centre Manager the task of sifting through mountains of data to produce meaningful insights can be challenging. According to a leading market research firm, Forrester Research, we have now transitioned from the Information Age to the Age of the Customer. A true Cloud Contact Centre empowers agents and managers to better serve the needs of the customer, and to provide the best possible customer experience. Customer obsession is now king. 

Contact Centre – do I really need one for my business? 

Do I really care about my customer service standards? If the answer is yes’ then you need to consider what the technology need is to create an optimal customer experience. If you are initiating outbound calls and/or receiving inbound calls, then you need a solution which will strategically manage these core business functions.  

Achieve Great Customer Service –  Inbound Calls  

For an inbound team, an automatic call distribution (ACD) tool ensures customer service calls are routed to the right person. To achieve this, a business needs an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to correctly direct customers using smart features such as skills-based routing to improve response times for customers, while making efficient use of customer service agent’s time. 

Individual Accountability 

Other benefits derived from Contact Centre software include reporting on agent activity. This provides managers with important facts to guide conversations with their team, especially when reviewing the performance of individual team members.  

Help is one button away: Q&A 

Having the right Contact Centre technology provides team leaders with the right tools to manage their team in real time, such as live call tools to assist agents whilst on call with ‘barge’ and ‘whisper’ functions using our QA and monitoring functions.  

Cloud Contact Centre in action: Wining and Dining 

The idea of a customer obsessed workplace sounds good in theory. However, in order to really understand the customer journey, let’s take a closer look at one of ipSCAPE’s clientsLaithwaite’s Wine PeopleTo help create a scalable contact centre, Laithwaite’s relies on ipSCAPE to power their multichannel communications, including the web chat on their website, the email subscription list and of course inbound and outbound calls. 

Whether agents are working in the office or remotely, managers are able to track what they are up to and how productive they are being. For instancea supervisor may want to check how many chats were answered in the past day or how many outbound sales calls resulted in successful conversions. Ultimately, Wine People chose ipSCAPE not just for the multi-channel contact centre offering, but also for the strong, track record of local Australian support 

 To Be Continued…

A Cloud Contact Centre is capable of many things, we have merely scratched the surface. In the next article, we shall look at specifics on features such as webchat and emailand how these tools can be ultilised to create a true multi-channel customer experience.  

For more information about ipSCAPE and for more examples on how a true cloud contact centre works please contact us.