Case Study

Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University

"The pay-as-you-go model was incredibly attractive to us. We now have a powerful and scalable contact centre that is also incredibly cost efficient. "

1. The Business

Funded by the Australian Government, the Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public not-for-profit university which hosts about 25,000 students. With seven campuses across the country, and one expected to open in Rome in September 2015, ACU offers programs in four faculties namely education and arts, health sciences, law and business and theology and Philosophy.

2. The Challenge

Previously, ACU had a Cisco on-premise contact centre deployment based out of the university headquarters in Melbourne. The contact centre consisted of inbound facilities to answer queries from both existing and prospective students and outbound facilities for fee payment related calls. However, ACU faced numerous challenges with the on-premise deployment. ACU was unable to determine call volumes, which resulted in high call drop-out percentage. This made it difficult to allocate resources (agent) effectively to the contact centre. The limitations of an on-premise contact centre also restricted agents from other locations to login to the contact centre application. Also, ACU was looking to engage with students across multiple channels such as text, voice, instant messaging and email, and the limited functionality of the on-premise contact centre model restricted them in doing so.

3. The Solution

ACU has a strong cloud vision, with the implementation of ServiceNow as the enterprise service management ticketing tool being the driving factor for choosing to deploy a cloud contact centre solution. To mitigate challenges faced due to limited functionality offered by the on-premise contact centre model, ACU decided to partner with RXP’s enterprise service management division for advisory and implementation of the cloud contact centre solution. After careful scouting and consideration, RXP a technology consulting and professional services firm, decided to deploy ipSCAPE’s cloud contact centre solutions at ACU.

4. The Benefits

ipSCAPE’s cloud contact centre solutions helped address ACU’s critical requirements. Almost immediately, ACU was able to track the volume of incoming calls, which enabled them to allocate agents more effectively. ACU added the call back feature as an option for those unwilling to wait for long periods of time to speak with the contact centre agent. This strategy helped them to reduce the call drop-out percentage. Cloud solutions enabled mobility of contact centre agents as they were able to access the contact centre applications from a remote location. During the off-peak season, ACU engages 25-30 agents, with the number doubling during the peak enrolment season. During the peak season, ACU also employs students as contact centre agents on a part-time basis, and these students were able to use their mobile devices to log into the system to gain the functionalities. Additionally, significant savings were accrued as a result of the pay-as-you-go model.

ipSCAPE were able to cater to ACU’s requirements through a scalable, mobility based cloud based contact centre solution.

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