Case Study


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"The pay-as-you-go model was incredibly attractive to us. We now have a powerful and scalable contact centre that is also incredibly cost efficient.” Project Manager

1. The Business

One of Australia’s fastest growing universities, which hosts more than 30,000 students across seven campuses offers programs in four faculties including, education & arts, health sciences, law & business, and theology & philosophy needed a communication technology solution to help create great student experiences.

2. The Challenge

The university did not have a dedicated contact centre to answer queries from both existing and prospective students and to manage calls about outstanding payments. As a result, the university was unable to determine call volumes, which resulted in high call drop-out percentages. This made it difficult to allocate resources effectively.

The university was looking to engage with students across multiple channels such as text, voice, instant messaging, and email. However, the lack of a dedicated contact centre solution to manage multiple channels of interactions restricted them in doing so.

The university also required the ability to scale the number of agents. During their off-peak season, 25-30 agents are employed, yet the number doubles during the peak enrolment season.

The university has a strong cloud vision and looked to create a single-screen experience for staff through their enterprise service management ticketing tool – ServiceNow.

3. The Solution

ipSCAPE worked with an enterprise service management partner to deploy ipSCAPE’s CTI for ServiceNow with immediate results. The university was able to track the volume of incoming calls, which enabled them to allocate agents more effectively.

To resolve the high number of drop-out percentages, this leading university integrated ipSCAPE’s call-back feature. This feature enables students to select the option to receive a call when an agent is available, in contrast to the student waiting on the phone for extended periods of time for the next available agent.

ipSCAPE’s multi-channel communication platform enables students to access information and engage with the university through channels of, Email, SMS, Voice & Web Chat. This solved the university’s requirement to interact with students across multiple channels.

Additionally, significant savings were gained as a result of the pay-as-you-go model. ipSCAPE were able to cater to the university’s requirements through enabling scalability which accommodates to their peak and off-peak seasons.

4. The Benefits

Enable mobility and scalability

ipSCAPE’s platform allows agents to work from remote locations and facilitates the university’s off-peak & on-peak seasons.

Increase connectivity

Students can now engage with the university through multiple communication channels, which reduces student wait time and improves the student experience.

Effective resource allocation

As the university now possesses the ability to track call volumes, this enables the effective forecasting of agents required to efficiently serve students.

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