Case Study

Essential technology for Essential Workers through COVID-19

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1. The Business

During COVID-19 healthcare organisations faced challenges, particularly around patient communications and management.  

A hospital in Indonesia and wanted to ensure patients were not coming into the main areas of the hospital if they exhibited COVID symptoms. They need a way to communicated with patients to understand their symptoms and if they did have COVID-19 symptoms, the hospital to direct them to the relevant area of the hospital with a full briefing of the precautions needed.  

2. The Challenge

With an increase in customer calls, and a need to keep hospital staff and patients safe, this hospital needed a way to safely triage patients, while also ensuring clear patient communication through the phone.  

This brought on the need for technology that could facilitate several requirements such as call routing, flexible licencing options, and supporting the shift to virtual model.  

They were also looking to integrate their contact centre with their patient management system to ensure information was centralised. 

3. The Solution

The hospital implemented ipSCAPE and were able to effectively set up a hotline for patient to call prior to arriving at the hospital. Staff could use the scripts in ipSCAPE to conduct screening questions for COVID symptoms and could advise of next steps. This limited their staff’s exposure to potential infection whilst also reducing the strain on face to face resources. 

ipSCAPE was able to handle high call volumes and provided a reliable solution that supported this client during this turbulent period. ipSCAPE seamlessly integrated with their Oracle patient management system, ensuring patient records were up to date.  

4. The Benefits

Remote working and Multi-site Operations

As a cloud solution, ipSCAPE can enable remote work to ensure continued service to patients from anywhere, and across multiple locations 

Effective Routing Capabilities

ipSCAPE call routing features can direct customers to the most appropriate individual to handle their needs.  

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