Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk: Artificial Intelligence

Posted: 29 January 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to completely transform the way we do things, personally and in business. Simon Daniels, Sales Director at ipSCAPE discusses the natural fit between AI and customer service.   

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools seem like a natural fit for the customer service industry. The vast amount of data generated (meta-data, performance metrics and call recordings/transcripts) provide a rich source of valuable information – if you know how to extract it.

And more importantly – use it intelligently.

For example, measuring ‘customer sentiment’ as a single stat, over time, is a common use case for ‘speech analytics’. However, the sentiment score is so generic that it is not very helpful unless its tied to a specific business outcome.

Where I have seen real value for a business using AI is measuring specific outcomes, for example, Fraud risk (with insurance), Promise to Pay (debt collection) and propensity for a complaint (customer service) or even as specific as ‘propensity to switch mortgage’ (Banking).

How does this work? – the AI tool processes the massive data set seeking patterns and correlations and builds a predictive model of based on what is determines are true indicators of behaviour.

The result is the tool identifies actual customers for a specific intervention that will drive the business outcome.


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