Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: End-of-year sales

Posted: 18 December 2019

Christmas is a critical time for small businesses which can really stretch the capacity of the sales team, so it is important to have customer support technology that ensures you never miss a sale. Eamon Ridgway,  National Strategic Manager at ipSCAPE provides insights into the technology to maximise your sales opportunities.    

ipSCAPE is a cloud customer experience solution SME’s can use to connect with customers through Phone, Webchat, email and SMS that scales easily and is a pay as you go licence model so it is flexible for small businesses.

One particular ipSCAPE customer, doubles their customer support team during this time to cope with the increased inbound call activity. Employees can then assist customers on the phone and even through web chat which can drive increased conversions in sales.

This client also uses ipSCAPE’s outbound dialler to drive sales performance, by reaching more customers on the phone to remind them to put their orders in before Christmas.

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