Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: New Year

Posted: 22 January 2020

A New Year brings renewed energy for the upcoming year and invigorated sales opportunities. Eamon Ridgway, National Strategic Manager at ipSCAPE explains the importance of technology in driving improved sales performance.  

The new year is a great time to build your Sales momentum. Building a strong pipeline is critical to ensure a successful year. It is important for Sales leaders to ensure they have the right people and the right technology. Asking questions such “Do I have the right technology and process in place to achieve these targets” or “What can I do differently to exceed targets” will help guide decision-making.

January is often a time when ipSCAPE is evaluated as a technology tool to help drive Sales performance. Clients often inquire about our calling technology features such as our dialler, our reporting functionality and adding our telephony solution to CRMS such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Zendesk.

Now is the time to work out what actions are needed to achieve your goals for the year and to put them into place.

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