Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk: Pivoting and adapting your business due to coronavirus

Posted: 8 April 2020

During COVID-19, many businesses were forced to adapt and pivot.  Alison Lee, Head of Marketing at ipSCAPE discusses how ipSCAPE has adapted to succeed during the crisis.  

As a cloud communication technology provider, ipSCAPE was well prepared for COVID-19.

Our customer service and sales teams all use ipSCAPE to route calls, help customers over the phone and through web chat and email. ipSCAPE staff and our customers were able to seamlessly transition to a remote working environment and used ipSCAPE and our direct routing for Microsoft Teams to enable continuity of business communications.

This pandemic has impacted different industries, and we are experiencing a significant growth in interest in our cloud communication solutions especially from:

  • Unions who are seeing an increase in membership enquiries.
  • Retailers who are shifting from physical customer service to digital channels such as web chat and email and who want PCI payment solutions for orders over the phone.
  • Contact Centres who require enablement of remote working for their customer service and Sales teams.

ipSCAPE is proud to be an Australian technology company that is helping other businesses navigate through these times of unprecedented change.

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