Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: Staff motivation – how to keep teams driven

Posted: 15 April 2020

 Staff motivation can be tricky to master at the best of times. Throw a pandemic in to the mix, and it becomes extra hard to know the steps to take for keeping your teams driven and focused on the business’s goals. Melissa Hyland, Human Resources Manager at ipSCAPE discusses the facilitators of staff motivation.

Keeping your team motivated during this time is more important than ever before. With COVID-19 impacting everyone’s lives differently, we must remember to prioritise the well-being of our employees. At ipSCAPE, we have gotten creative with how we motivate our staff.

We use our product offering to do the following:

1. Inspire your team: With ipSCAPE ‘Notifications’, we send our team inspiring quotes for the day. You can also send personal messages and remind individuals of their goals for the day.

2. Add fun to the mix: Virtual games session keep things fun while working. Games that translate well through video conference tools such as Microsoft Teams include: Charades and Trivia.

3. Inject friendly competition: ipSCAPE reports and dashboards boost team morale by injecting friendly competition into work and hitting KPIs.

4. Stay Connected: As we get accustomed to remote working, we need to remember to stay connected. Microsoft Teams is used to host regular Team check-ins and Friday ‘Happy Hour’.

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