ipSCAPE Receives Recognition as Qualified Local Buy Supplier

Posted: 30 March 2021

ipSCAPE is proud to be a recognised as pre-qualified supplier for Local Buy, the leading procurement body for across Queensland. Through Local Buy, government departments and local councils can speed up the procurement process with all due diligence already have been carried out.

There are many benefits of adopting ipSCAPE through Local Buy including:

Reduced Risk

  • Ensured compliance with Local Government Act and Local Government Regulation.
  • Reduced legal liability.

Cost Savings

  • Access to competitive and cost-effective quotes based on aggregated buying power.
  • Value for money due to the Request for Quote process.

Efficient Use of Time

  • Access to pre-qualified supplier agreements.
  • Forgoing the time consuming open tender process.

ipSCAPE’s customer experience technology powers contact centres throughout Queensland. ipSCAPE has assisted clients through:

  • Stability and Reliability: ipSCAPE targets the platform uptime to 99.99% and provides enterprise grade call quality and a secure platform hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Remote Working Solutions: the client was able to seamlessly transition to a remote working environment during COVID-19.
  • 24-hour Local Support: ipSCAPE is based in Australia and provides 24-hour support from our local team.
  • Rapid implementation: the client experienced a fast and unobtrusive implementation

ipSCAPE is a cloud customer experience technology that powers the communication for contact centres, sales and customer support. ipSCAPE is a feature-rich, scalable, multichannel solution that offers advanced integration capabilities. Want to learn more? Contact Us 1300 477 227 info@ipscape.com