What is an Outbound Dialler?

Posted: 23 December 2022

The Outbound dialler is a technology solution that enables businesses to efficiently connect with their customers. In sales-focused organisations that make a high volume of calls, a dialler is an effective tool that helps to maximise the opportunity of every potential sale.  

In-built features such as advanced answering machine detection ensures that agents are only connected when another person is on the call. This maximises talk time and increases agent productivity.  The dialler also helps automate the outbound calling process and improve efficiencies and output.

In this article, we are outlining the three different types of outbound dialler solutions and how they can be used to bring a wide range of benefits to your organisation.

Types of Outbound Diallers

Preview Dialler

The preview dialler presents lead and customer information to the agent before they initiate the call. This gives the agent time to prepare and ensure they have all the relevant information and context for the call.

The main benefit of the preview dialler is that the agent is not restricted in the time they have to prepare for the call. This makes the preview dialler the ideal option for complex sales where more preparation or research is required between calls.

Progressive Dialler

With a progressive dialler, a call is initiated when an agent is available and after a pre-defined time, the dialler begins to call.  This option allows agents to review historical customer interactions while also achieving efficiencies, as the dialler will only initiate a call after a pre-set time. The progressive dialler is the best option for businesses that want to maximise efficiencies whilst providing their agents enough preparation time prior to each call.

Predictive dialler

A predictive dialler is an outbound dialler that utilises intelligent algorithms to forecast the number of available agents to live calls. This dialler type will call numbers and adjust to the agents’ dialling speed. The dialler slows down if agents are holding longer conversations and speeds up for the agents that are completing their calls.

This option is mostly used by larger organisations that are results-driven and want to achieve optimum results in contact rates, talk time, and productivity.

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