Outbound Dialler

Improve your contact rates and connect with more prospects using ipSCAPE’s automated outbound dialler technology

Reach More Customers

ipSCAPE’s outbound dialler enables businesses to efficiently connect with customers. This results in agents spending more time having conversations and less time dialling numbers or waiting as the phone rings.

Intelligent algorithms, combined with sophisticated lead optimisation tools, make the ipSCAPE dialler an industry leader.

  • Powerful Dialler modes – Preview, Predictive, Progressive
  • Skills Based Dialling Capabilities
  • Lead Management Tools
  • Comprehensive reporting
Leads module
Create more engaging conversations

Advanced Dialler Technology

ipSCAPE has a range of high performance diallers, that can be tailored to suit your business needs. Types of auto diallers available in ipSCAPE include:

  • Progressive – Numbers are dialled only when an agent is available
  • Preview – Leads and customer details are presented to the agent who then initiates the call.
  • Predictive – Algorithms forecast the ratio of available agents to live calls, and the dialler calls numbers before agents become available. This optimises connect rates, talk time and agent productivity.
  • Power – provide the ability for the dialler manager to manage the speed,  with adaptive modes for more control.

Outbound Optimisation Tools

Access optimisation tools that empower you to reach more customers:

  • List Weighting – load multiple lists of leads to a campaign and blend them using prioritisation inputs.
  • Answering Machine detection technology – a call will only be presented to your agents when a customer has answered the call made by the dialler
  • Intuitive Leads Module – a guided user experience to assist the upload, mapping and validation of lead lists with changes saved automatically.

Outbound optimisation tools to improve contact rates
man speaking on the phone wearing a headset

Skills Based Dialling

Discover infinite possibilities to increase the performance of your team with ‘Skills’ that you can create and customise

Allocate numerical values to highlight an agent’s proficiency in that skill:

Examples of Skills include:

    • Location – where Sales team members are allocated a territory or region
    • Specialities – where a subset of agents are trained to handle more complex scenarios
    • Language  – where a team member is able to communicate in a specific language

    How does the Skills Based Dialler work?

    ipSCAPE’s Powerful Outbound Dialling technology has Skills Based Dialling capabilities to ensure you match leads to the agent who is best suited to serve and convert that customer

    Skills Based Dialling Workflow logic to allocation Leads to the appropriate Agent

    ipSCAPE Capabilities

    The ipSCAPE platform provides you with all the features you need to run a world-class contact centre.

    Progressive Dialler

    Improve user experience by instantly providing customers with relevant information. Agents can select a choice of wrap codes that trigger emails and attachments to the caller, e.g. terms and conditions, application form, standard contract.

    Auto Preview Dialler

    Increase agent productivity using auto preview dialler. Agents can set a time limit on preview mode that enables them to review customer information, prior to speaking to them.

    Predictive Dialler

    Outbound campaigns can be customised to suit your dialling ratios. Call ratios are aligned to agent call answering ratios. If your agents are busy, the dialler slows down. If extra resources are available, it accelerates.


    Preview Dialler

    Lead details and telephone numbers are presented to the agent who then initiates the call. Agents have more control and better engagement when they have visibility of the customer record prior to starting the call.


    Call Backs

    Improve customer experience by creating automatic call backs that ensure all leads are optimised and every potential opportunity is contacted. 

    Improve Conversion Rates

    The more opportunities your agents have to speak to prospects, the higher the conversion rates. Your agents can have conversations with prospects, instead of dialling numbers and being connected to voicemails.

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