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Customers want to engage with businesses who understand their needs and make them feel valued. 

ipSCAPE is an omni-channel cloud contact centre solution that can enable your business to personalise communications, serve customers through their preferred channel and create incredible customer moments

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    Contact centre software that helps you meet your customer’s expectations

    Designed to be intuitive to use, ipSCAPE is a cloud contact centre solution your organisation can trust to help meet your customer experience objectives, increase employee productivity and maximise sales conversion

    Feature Rich

    Create memorable customer interactions. Leverage the advanced feature-set of ipSCAPE’s multi-channel contact centre technology to achieve your customer service and sales goals

    Scalability and Performance

    Contact Centre software that scales with your business. Create new users easily, adjust campaigns for performance and access powerful live reports and wallboards

    Enable Remote Work

    ipSCAPE enables your Contact Centre to be fully remote. Agents are able to make and receive calls on mobile devices, using a headset and an internet browser. Our cloud contact centre software provides your business with a work from home solution for business continuity

    Service Recovery Paradox:  Make every customer moment count

    Every single customer interaction can lead to a memorable engagement that builds loyalty. This is true even when service failures occur. The Service Recovery Paradox is the phenomenon in which a customer thinks more highly of a company after they correct a problem with their service, compared to how they would perceive the company if non-faulty service had been provided. 

    Core features and capabilities of ipSCAPE:

    Designed and developed in Australia, ipSCAPE can support your business goals and help you delight your customers. The ipSCAPE Cloud Contact Centre solution can help your business meet its objectives through:

    Multi-channel engagement:

    ipSCAPE can help you connect with your customers through Calls, Emails, SMS and Web Chat

    Live Reporting:

    Gain real-time insights on the performance of your team and track your contct centre’s key performance indicators through reports and wallboards

    Speech Analytics:

    Leverage AI to better understand your customer conversations and gain deeper insights into your customer experiences

    Dialler for outbound customer communications:

    AI-based outbound dialler technology that can drive greater sales performance, reach more customers and close more deals

    Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system:

    Ensure inbound calls are routed to the customer support team member that possesses the skillset that aligns with the customer’s enquiry through configuring skills based call routing or automatic call distribution

    Call Recording and Tagging:

    Easily activate call recording across any campaign and leverage call tagging to mark important parts of the call e.g. the disclosure of terms and conditions.

    Integration with your CRM:

    ipSCAPE can connect with any CRM and ticket management tool including Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics and more

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    Trusted by global companies

    ipSCAPE powers the contact centres of leading organisations

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    Contact Centre Experiences impact business performance

    Contact centres are a valuable strategic asset. All queries will pass through your contact centre, making each interaction an opportunity to delight and impress your customers. From customer service teams providing exceptional phone support that drives your customer retention objectives to creating outbound calling campaigns to accelerate sales, your contact centre can have a significant impact on your revenue goals and bottom line.


    of customers will spend more with a brand if they feel appreciated


    Source: Forrester 2021



    of consumers believe that the experience with a company is as important as its product or services. It reflects the growing demand for customer engagement.

    Source: Salesforce’s 2020 Report.


    of customers will recommend a brand to friends and family members based on their customer experience


    Source: Forrester 2021



    of consumers still prefer human interaction  even as automated solutions improve


    Source: Customerthink,2020


     of consumers  believe customer service builds brand loyalty 

    Source: 2020 Statista Report

    1 in 3

    customers actively share details of the customer service experience and 50% do so on social media.

    Source: CFI Group,2020

    Contact Centre Software Solutions for every industry 

    Easily take secure payments over the phone

    Security and Compliance for Financial Services

    • Manage Compliance: ipSCAPE has a built-in Quality Assurance module that enables you to review customer calls, monitor and score agent performance
    • Automate the Terms and Conditions process: Play terms and conditions and other policies as an audio file to remove the risk of human error
    • Personalise Customer Interactions:  CRM integration gives your agents access to valuable customer information, assisting agents to customise their engagements with customers
    • Take PCI Compliant payments: ipSCAPE PAY is a PCI DSS Compliant payment solution that enables your team to take credit payments over the phone

    Supporting Retail with Service Cloud Technology

    • Manage ‘Click and Collect’ communications: Customers can check the status of their orders through a virtual agent on the phone
    • Automate store opening hours: Communicate store opening hours with a consistent brand voice using ipSCAPE’s range of Virtual Agents through your IVR
    • Effectively route customers:  Connect incoming calls directly to available staff at their preferred store locations
    • Gain visibility into customer queries: Make better operational decisions and increase customer satisfaction with ipSCAPE Insights – a reporting tool that integrates with Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Power BI, enabling you to visualise data and derive intel into the reasons behind customer queries

    Manage click and collect communications and automate store opening hours through the IVR
    Doctor on the phone to a patient

    Help desk Software for Healthcare

    • Efficiently route calls: Ensure patient queries are directed to support in improving the First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate.
    • Improve management across multiple sites: Direct calls through a single number and route according to the patient’s nearest location
    • Achieve reporting transparency:  Employees from various departments are able to service customers across multiple channels, while management have access to centralised reporting tools to monitor performance
    • Accurately predict, roster and staff with workforce management integration: forecast call volume to ensure the number of staff you roster on meet the predicted call volume by integrating with leading workforce management solutions

    Contact Centre Software designed for Fundraising

    • Reduce cost to serve: Utilise a single solution to service multiple brands across voice and digital channels
    • Achieve compliance objectives: Access call recordings, QA modules, speech analytics and PCI compliant payment solutions to achieve your compliance goals
    • Gain reporting transparency: Leverage reporting tools and integrations with Business Intelligence (BI) applications to extract greater insights from your customer interactions

    fundraising agents using technology to call more donors

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    Contact Centre Software – Common Questions

    What is a contact centre?

    A contact centre supports customer interactions across communication channels such as phone calls, email, webchat, SMS and even on social media platforms.

    What are the main functions of a contact centre?

    A contact centre is the main hub for all customer interactions that pass into a business.

    Contact centre software can be utilised by customer service teams, support teams and sales departments. The primary role Contact Centre agents play is to provide customer service, phone support, technical support or sales assistance to customers.

    What is a cloud contact centre?

    A cloud contact centre is a service or sales team that uses multiple communication channels to engage with customers using an internet-based system.  Cloud Contact centres utilise technology applications that are hosted on cloud infrastructure enabling users to work in a remote environment handling inbound and outbound calls, and digital interactions such as web chat, and email.

    What is omnichannel in a contact centre?

    Omni-channel functionality in a contact centre refers to the ability for a customer to seamlessly switch back and forth across communication channels such as Voice, Email, SMS and Web Chat. This creates an exceptional customer experience as the contact centre agent has access to the interaction history across all touchpoints to create personalised and tailored support.

    How to setup a contact centre?

    Before you start operating a contact centre, there are a few things you need to consider:

    1. Determine your goals and success metrics in your contact centre

    2. Understand cost and budget

    3. Source the right contact centre software that will suit your needs

    4. Hire and train your employees using call monitoring and QA modules

    5. Ensure transparent reporting on your team’s performance

    6. Foster an encouraging and supportive work culture

    What is the difference between a contact centre and a call centre?

    The primary difference between a contact centre and a call centre is that a call centre focuses on handling telephone-based communications, while contact centres allow customers to leverage other communication channels such as emails, SMS, webchat and social media to engage with businesses.

    What industries does the ipSCAPE solution support?

    ipSCAPE is an Australian contact centre software that supports businesses around the globe to achieve their customer service and sales objectives.

    We understand that each industry has its own challenges and oppotunities, and ipSCAPE is able to meet these needs with our robust feature-set and solutions.

    ipSCAPE offers:

    • Secure and compliant communications for Financial Services including Advanced Speech Analytics
    • Communication technology that supports the evolution of Retail commerce
    • Cloud contact centre software that exceeds patient expectations in Healthcare
    • Scalable and flexible options for BPOs and outsourcing teams with comprehensive reporting
    • Multi-channel student communications and call routing for Education providers
    • Self Service and automation workflows for Utiliities providers