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Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk: Success Secrets

Success looks different for each business. Every industry and business model have their own success stories. Joao Mello, Head of Technology explains ipSCAPE's success story.    Success is something all companies continuously strive to achieve and in the fast-paced...

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Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: Interviews

Melissa Hyland, Human Resources Manager at ipSCAPE discusses the best strategies and questions to determine whether a person is the right fit for a company.  As a technology company, ipSCAPE regularly interviews for roles that require extensive hands-on technical...

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Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: Keeping the culture

COVID-19 has reminded us all about the importance of culture and employee well-being. Alison Lee, Head of Marketing at ipSCAPE provides her tips and thoughts on the importance of culture.    Culture is important and at ipSCAPE, ours is based on Accountability and...

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Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk: Business in crisis

All businesses, regardless of size, have had to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Alison Lee, Head of Marketing at ipSCAPE talks about the lessons ipSCAPE has learnt during the crisis.   COVID-19 has drastically changed our economy and the way businesses operate. Among...

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Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to completely transform the way we do things, personally and in business. Simon Daniels, Sales Director at ipSCAPE discusses the natural fit between AI and customer service.    Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools seem like a...

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Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: New Year

A New Year brings renewed energy for the upcoming year and invigorated sales opportunities. Eamon Ridgway, National Strategic Manager at ipSCAPE explains the importance of technology in driving improved sales performance.   The new year is a great time to build your...

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Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: End-of-year sales

Christmas is a critical time for small businesses which can really stretch the capacity of the sales team, so it is important to have customer support technology that ensures you never miss a sale. Eamon Ridgway,  National Strategic Manager at ipSCAPE provides...

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Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: Recruitment

Hiring the wrong person, at any stage of business, can be extremely detrimental and costly in a number of ways that aren’t only financial. Melissa Hyland, ipSCAPE's HR Manager at ipSCAPE discusses the essential items businesses need when hiring people.     Hiring...

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