Complete your ServiceNow Experience with ipSCAPE’s CTI Adaptor

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

ipSCAPE CTI Adaptor for ServiceNow empowers contact centres to create more personalised customer experiences through telephony integration.

The ipSCAPE CTI for ServiceNow enables your call centre employees to make and receive calls from your instance.

Key features of the ServiceNow CTI:

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ipSCAPE is an official ServiceNow Partner

Integrate telephony into your Servicenow instance

Delight Customers 

The CTI Adaptor sits within your ServiceNow instance, providing a complete view of customer tickets.

Having telephony capabilities embedded into your instance, enables you to provide live updates on tickets and the opportunity to delight customers through more personalised experiences.

Gain Access to Powerful Tools

ipSCAPE can help elevate your ServiceNow experience by:

  • Reducing administration for employees
  • Improving resolution rate through smart routing features
  • Improving call centre agent performance through reports that enable real-time feedback
Get a single view of your customer
Deploy your contact centre quickly with the support of our local team

Fast Implementation, 24/7 Support

Deployment is easy with integration complete within days. Customer support is available 24/7 and our team takes pride in working with our customers to ensure our call centre technology continues to be a leader in the industry.


All the Features you need to Enhance your ServiceNow Instance

Seamlessly embedded call centre into your CRM.

Caller Identification

Search and open existing call centre customer records through smart field matching such as customer phone numbers or CLI.

Single Screen Agent Experience

ipSCAPE integrates directly with ServiceNow. Improve the agent experience with contact centre and CRM tools accessible in one browser.


Screen Pops

Improve agent productivity using screen ‘pops.’ Agents can leverage customer information from the CRM to personalise customer queries and improve the customer experience.


Skills- Based Routing

Improve customer experiences by routing callers to the most appropriate call centre agent, based on their profile, preferences, and previous experiences.

Intelligent IVR

Integrate your IVR into your ServiceNow CRM and use customer information and actions from the IVR to route call centre calls more effectively.


Link to Call Recording

Automatically record call centre call outcome, duration, call notes, and easily link call recordings directly into ServiceNow.

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