Digital Customer Service

Interact with customers through their preferred channel.

Multi-Channel Capabilities

ipSCAPE provides a full-suite of communication channels including digital options such as web chat and email.  

Providing multi-channel service options ensures customers can contact you using their preferred method and that your business is able to accomodate their preferences and needs.   

Communication channels
Reporting Capabilities

Manage Results in Real Time

ipSCAPE’s real time management dashboards enable you to keep track of your digital campaign performance, enabling you to adapt quickly as needed.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Create a more consistent level of customer service through multiple channels. Use ipSCAPE’s email and web chat templates and advanced scripting engine to create exceptional experiences.


Features to help you support your digital customer experience

Offer your customers a range of channels to suit their needs with ipSCAPE.

CRM Integration

Create personalised digital customer interactions by integrating ipSCAPE into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.  ipSCAPE can be incorporated into any CRM using our open JavaScript APIs. 


Whether its web chat, email or phone, customers can contact you using their preferred method of communications. ipSCAPE enables you to implement multi-channel customer communications.


Single Source of Truth

Support  your customers with a self service IVR. User-friendly interface to change workflows or recordings quickly and easily.  Customers can request a callback, saving them waiting in the queue. CRM integrations create better visibility of customers.

Single Agent Toolbar

Improve agent productivity through ipSCAPE’s single agent toolbar. All interactions are completed in one place. 


Launch Campaigns Quickly

The nature of cloud enables you to quickly launch your campaigns. All you need is an internet connection. 

Single Source of Truth

By integrating your contact centre with customer facing applications, you can get access to agent and channel interactions.

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