Teams Connect

Bring the Power of the Contact Centre to Microsoft Teams

Extend Microsoft Teams with Powerful Contact Centre Capabilities

Extend Microsoft Teams with enterprise-grade telephony and Contact Centre capabilities with Teams Connect. ipSCAPE can help you connect enterprise-grade call quality to your Teams instance, with the additional functionality of routing calls through the IVR, call recording for compliance and gaining greater insights from ipSCAPE’s reporting capabilities.

Intelligent Call Routing 

Route calls to the right people and strengthen customer relationships through a frictionless user experience for your frontline workforce. Utilise our range of integration points to create personalised experiences that delight and build loyalty with your customers.

Microsoft Teams with contact centre disposition feature to support frontline workers
Woman standing outside of an office building, using the Microsoft Teams application on her phone

Work from Anywhere – Securely 

Your employees can receive calls and collaborate from anywhere using the Microsoft Teams mobile or desktop application. Enable your multi-channel collaboration through chat, phone, or video.

Call Recording for Compliance

Ensure compliance regulations are met through call recording with Teams Connect. Calls can be recorded and stored securely on Azure for compliance and quality assurance. 

Call recording interaction details being filtered through advanced search
Advanced reporting functionality through Microsoft Teams


Gain visibility on customer calls and dispositions to make better business decisions and optimise customer journeys. Advanced reporting and wallboards can be served within your Teams Application to motivate and align your workforce. 

Powered by Azure  

ipSCAPE is hosted on Azure for unparalleled security, capacity and performance. Innovative Azure products and services are also ready to be included in your contact centre workflows to create automations and integrations that improve operational efficiency. 

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Integrations with:

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Efficient, Compliant and Secure communications for Frontline workers

Easily collaborate and communicate with other members of your organisation, without being tethered to your desk, with Teams Connect

Teams Connect helps your frontline workers to:

Securely stored on Azure for compliance

Achieve Compliance Objectives

Mortgage brokers, financial planners and insurance advisors can use Microsoft Team to make and receive calls with access to call recordings which as stored securely in Microsoft Azure.

Team Connect provides:

  • Enterprise-grade telephony
  • Call Routing through an IVR
  • Call backs
  • Call Recording
  • Reporting

Empower frontline workers with powerful communication capabilities

Extend Microsoft Teams  to frontline workers to arm employees with critical information to bridge the digital and physical customer experience

Improve efficiencies in your retail stores

Retail organisations are having to cater to the shifting needs of their customers. From increased adoption of click-and-collect and delivery orders during lockdown closures, to now, seeing more customers opt to purchase through an in-store experience – having the right technology in place has become critical to meet the changing expectations of customers.

Empower your frontline retail staff to provide exceptional customer experiences with Teams Connect.  Your staff will be able to make and receive calls to customers, collaborate and chat with team members and manage service expectations from the store floor.

Frontline worker helping a customers in a hardware store
Doctor using Microsoft Teams on her phone

Deliver better patient experiences

Ensure you never miss an opportunity to provide exceptional patient care. With Teams Connect, your staff will be able to answer patient queries by connecting with other specialist staff members, without being tied to their desks. Teams Connect will allow you to gain visibility on the reasons patients are calling through valuable reporting functionality to make better operational decisions.

Calls can be routed based on who is ‘on call’ to ensure communications are optimised, improving the patient experience.

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