Achieve PCI DSS Compliance with ipSCAPE Pay – Take secure, PCI DSS credit card payment transactions over the phone.

PCI Compliant Call Centre Phone Payments 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides security for credit card transactions.

ipSCAPE PAY is a payment solution which enables your call centre agents to take payment transactions using credit card information over the phone in a secure, PCI DSS compliant manner. 

ipSCAPE Pay - Secure payment

Improve & Secure the Customer Experience

ipSCAPE Pay is a financial institution agnostic solution, allowing multiple payment gateways to be added, supporting your business growth.

Call centre agents can continue to speak to and guide customers as they type in their payment details. Agents cannot see any payment information or hear telephone keypad inputs, maintaining security of information. Once the information has been keyed in, the call centre agent can send the payment to be made.  

Seamless Call Centre Payment Integration with your CRM 

If invoices are stored within your CRM such as Salesforce, the ipSCAPE CTI Adaptor can pre-populate customer details when a call centre agent initiates a payment, making it an easy and seamless experience.

Integrate your CTI with Salesforce

Features to meet your secure payment requirements

Meeting your PCI DSS compliance requirements is critical if you take payments over the phone. Take payments with confidence with ipSCAPE call centre payment solutions. 

Agent Assisted Payments

Customers can choose their preferred communication method. Credit card payments can be made over the phone with a call centre agent, or self-service through an IVR.

CRM Integration

Integrating ipSCAPE Pay with any CRM through a CTI Adaptor creates efficiencies. Agent productivity is improved, and human errors are reduced through pre-populated fields (such as amount, invoice).

Financial Institution Configuration

  Configure and manage multiple financial institutions and merchant accounts within ipSCAPE Pay. Change new or existing financial institutions on demand. 


Real-Time Purchase

Real-time transaction outcomes ensure call centre customers payments have been received, whilst they are on the phone. 


Secure Tokenisation

Process payments securely by converting each transaction into a token which can then be completed later. 



  Ensure payments are completed successfully with a pre-authorisation of funds being temporarily “held” for a period of five days. 

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