Call Centre Compliance

Customer service is important for contact centres but compliance is also critical.

Manage compliance

Keeping your contact centre compliant has never been more important. Protecting both your business and customers is key to meeting compliance.

Meet your call centre compliance obligations using ipSCAPE with features such as call recording, secure payments and Quality Assurance.

Meet call centre compliance requirements
Securely process payments over the phone using ipSCAPE

Take PCI compliant payments

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides security for customers who make payments.

ipSCAPE PAY is a cloud-based contact centre payment solution. Your agents can take payment transactions using credit card information over the phone in a secure, PCI DSS compliant manner.

Securely record your calls

Recording your calls helps you to meet your compliance requirements. Calls are securely recorded in full stereo.

Recordings are uniquely indexed allowing for easy retrieval. This enables supervisors to quickly locate any issues that may have occurred during the call.

Recordings can be searched by several categories including date, time, campaign, call duration, and agent that completed the conversation.

ipSCAPE call recording module details
Secure call recording storage solution

Store and manage your recordings with Vault

ipSCAPE Vault is a secure and scalable call recording storage solution built on Microsoft Azure Blob. Recordings can be stored for as long as you require to meet your industry compliance regulations. 

Features to meet your compliance requirements

Reduce the risks of protecting your contact centre and your customers with ipSCAPE.


Quality Assurance

Meet compliance through automated call recording tagging. Easily retrieve and skip to the relevant section of the recording, whether this is the Terms and Conditions or specific policies. This eliminates the need to listen to the entirety of the call.


Speech Analytics

Speech analytics ‘listen’ to every call. Call recording allows easy transcription and search functionality to ensure you are meeting your industry compliance obligations.


Improve Agent Performance

Call recordings can be used to improve agent performance. Your Quality Assurance team can provide training and feedback based upon listening to the call recordings.

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