Multi-channel communication solution that supports your fundraising goals

Increase your donations with ipSCAPE’s dialler technology

Hosted on Microsoft Azure for security and performance

Maximise donation opportunities with leading fundraising technology 

Australians are among the most generous donors in the world, taking fourth place on the Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index for 2022. With this increased desire to help others and donate, many charities, and fundraising organisations are looking to implement strategies and technology solutions that will help them improve their fundraising results.

Creating a seamless donor experience through a technology solution that helps maximise donation opportunities, produces the perfect formula for success.

ipSCAPE is a cloud multichannel communication solution with an advanced outbound dialler that is used by leading fundraising organisations to drive donor engagement and increase fundraising.

Proactive fundraising increases donations

“In a study referenced in Psychology Today, 85% of respondents said the reason they ‘gave’ charitably was simply because someone asked them

(Psychology Today, 2017)

Australians are generous givers

Australia is one of the most generous countries in the world, with 55 percent of adults supporting others through giving money, aide or time according to a new report

(Probono Australia, 2022)

ipSCAPE is a proud member of the

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Cloud communication solution that helps you to: 

Predictive, Preview, Auto-preview dialler types

Efficiently reach out to donors 

Acquire new donors using ipSCAPE’s dialler technology. The outbound dialler increases contact rates with your prospects, ensuring that your staff have more chances to identify opportunities. Dialler options include Predictive, Preview, and Progressive.

Take secure payments over the phone

Have the peace of mind that each payment transaction is PCI DSS compliant, using ipSCAPE Pay. Ensure compliance and mitigate the risk of a data breach through tokenisation, as sensitive credit card details will never pass through the ipSCAPE platform.

Agent taking PCI compliant payments

Maintain trust with donors

Providing personalised, authentic experiences with your donors drives long-term relationships. ipSCAPE can integrate with your Donor management system so that your staff can tailor their interactions based on the details and interaction history.

Offer a choice of communication channel

Engage your donors through their preferred communication channel using ipSCAPE. Channels include – phone, email, web chat, and SMS. 

ipSCAPE contact centre solution displaying the communication channels call, email and web chat

Online and mobile giving continues to be a trend

Donors continue to show positive trends in terms of online giving and donations made on a mobile device

(Blackbaud, 2021) 

Cater to the online giver

As more and more donors are turning to online giving, catering to these behavioural changes will ensure you continue to create a great donor experience. ipSCAPE has options for processing donations and can integrate with cloud payment platforms*.

*scoping required

Gain visibility on performance

Real-time reporting can help you understand how close you are to hitting your goals – whether this is the number of new donors or the number of charitable donations through different communication channels. Reports can be shared with other team leaders.

Provide training opportunities

Training will aid in the empowerment of your employees and improve the overall performance of your team. ipSCAPE offers call recording and an in-built quality assurance module to help effectively score your staff’s performance and identify training opportunities.

Supervisor training his agents
Woman working in her home office

Offer flexibility in your working environment

Many organisations are embracing the fully remote or hybrid work model. As a cloud solution, ipSCAPE can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser and a headset to provide you with options and offer working flexibility to your employees.