Powering fast and responsive communications for Energy and Utility providers at scale

Don’t leave your customers in the dark – ipSCAPE’s cloud communication technology enables Energy and Utility providers to quickly respond to unexpected events and keep customers informed.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure for security and performance

Helping your customers weather the storm 

Energy and Utility organisations provide critical services while navigating unpredictable and challenging circumstances such as severe weather.

When an outage occurs or disaster strikes, large volumes of customers rely on energy and utility providers for timely and relevant communications about when service will be restored. Utility providers can rely on ipSCAPE to power their communications at scale, providing robust and reliable multichannel capabilities at scale.

ipSCAPE is a cloud customer communication platform for energy and utility providers to deliver highly scalable outage management communications, power their contact centre and provide self-service capabilities for their customers.

ipSCAPE’s communication technology is securely hosted on Azure and is an essential part of a utility provider’s resilience strategy to create supporting capabilities and an elastic response in the face of stressed or extreme conditions.

Communication Technology that creates better customer experiences for:

ipSCAPE is an Australian communication technology solution that can help you

Reduce your cost to serve

Create an intelligent IVR to assist customers without the need for an agent. Outage or service notifications can be served to customers through automated messages on the phone based on their location.

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Customer experience is paramount during times of crises

80% of users say that the experience provided is as important as the products and services. Users today expect to be able to easily report outages and problems, rely on timely support, and have technical staff intervene when issues arise”(Doxee, 2022)

Serve customers through their preferred channel

Serve your customers through their preferred channel

Every customer is different, ipSCAPE provides utility providers with capabilities to engage with customers across voice and digital channels, web chat, email.

Respond to customer queries faster

When disaster strikes, your customers expect reliable and faster communications. Web forms completed from the website can be converted to email and prioritised for agents.

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Utility organisations are investing in cloud technologies

74% of utilities plan to spend more on cloud technologies in the next 3-5 years”

(Opentext, 2022) 


Deliver communications at scale

Take control of your contact centre with ipSCAPE where you can update messages in your IVR and manage workflows easily to keep your customers informed.

Increase agent productivity

Agents can work on blended campaigns across, Voice, Email and Web chat. If call volumes are low, agents can respond to emails and easily switch back to calls when inbound calls are made. 


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Provide more personalised customer service

You can integrate ipSCAPE with your CRM to provide a single-view of the customer to create more personalised services. 

For over a decade, ipSCAPE has powered the communications for the manager and operator of the high voltage electricity transmission network in Victoria.

ipSCAPE is a trusted partner for this utility provider and works with them to create:

  • Self-service capabilities for elastic response – When an outage or service disruption occurs, over 20,000 customers call the customer service line for information. Customers are able to enter their postcode to receive fast and relevant information powered by ipSCAPE‘s intelligent IVR functionality
  • Power multi-channel communications – Leveraging virtual agents to service customers, and diverting to agents to handle more complex tasks.