Student Communication technology to deliver quality learning experiences

Create exceptional educational experiences through ipSCAPE’s Cloud communication technology. Proactively engage new students and encourage lifelong learning experiences through multi-channel technology that education organisations love to use.

Improving student experiences through cloud communication technology

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Support students throughout their learning journey

In an increasingly challenging market the Student Experience is becoming a key differentiator for education providers to ensure they build trust and loyalty with current and prospective students. To create an incredible student experience, Education organisations trust ipSCAPE to deliver seamless multichannel communications throughout the learning journey. With ipSCAPE you can provide self-service options for exam results, proactively engage students using leading dialler technology, service international students through multi-language interactive voice routing (IVR) and gather student feedback metrics.

The education industry is constantly changing with younger students entering the market demanding more innovative communication channels requiring providers to be more agile and adaptive than ever before. ipSCAPE provides education organisations the tools to create multi-channel communication workflows with the channels of today and the extensibility to innovate for the future.

Digital transformation is now the priority for leading education organisations who are looking at cloud communication technology to deliver exceptional student experiences.

Start your digital transformation journey with ipSCAPE’s cloud communication technology.

Communication Technology that creates better Student Experiences for:

ipSCAPE is an Australian communication technology solution that can help you

Create exceptional student experiences

As the education industry becomes more competitive, organisations can gain a competitive advantage through the student experience.

Education providers can personalise experiences by integrating your communication technology with your Student Management System or CRM such as ServiceNow, Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. 

Borderless Education is creating more competition

By 2050, there will be 2 billion more schools, colleges, universities, and alternative post-secondary graduates in the world than today” (HolonIQ and Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital, 2021)

Support your international students

Recruiting new international students and assisting them through the onboarding and transition process can be difficult. Make this process easier through intelligent routing, where your organisation can provide multi-language communications through the phone. Route calls from international students effectively with multi-language IVR that can connect students with a staff member who can communicate with the student in their native language.

Identify at-risk students and increase engagement

Early detection of students at-risk of failure and dropping out is an important aspect of improving retention. ipSCAPE’s advanced speech analytics solution can help educational institutions to detect emotion, and sentiment and delve deeper into student trends. 

It has also been recommended by Higher Education Research & Development that universities should reach out to students at the point of failure – preferably through direct contact but at least by email and phone with sensitivity and humanity.

Australians are participating in lifelong learning

42% of Australians aged 15-74 years have participated in learning in the last 12 months (7.8 million people)”

Education and Training is Growing

“The education and training industry in Australia will see an annual growth rate of 2.7% in the next 5 years, compared to 0.4% in 2017  (IBISWorld, 2022) 

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Increase student retention and course completion

Build loyalty by creating a strong line of communication with your students through multiple touchpoints such as Voice, Email, SMS, and Web chat. Gather student feedback through metrics such as NPS and CSAT through these channels to measure engagement. 

Encourage life-long learning experiences

Leverage multi-channel communications SMS, Phone and email to connect with students to promote postgraduate courses and build retention with alumni.

Generate higher enrolments for post-graduate or short courses so alumni are able to stay up to date with trends or accreditations for CPD hours.


Find out how a leading Australian university effectively manages its student communications during busy periods and creates exceptional student experiences