Lead Management

Target the right customer at the right time

Easy and Intuitive Leads Management

ipSCAPE’s Leads Manager provides a guided experience for users to upload, map and validate lead lists to achieve efficiencies and improve accuracy. Our intuitive campaign builder let’s you upload your list of lead, prioritise which leads to call first based on weightings and validate the lead list to ensure your calls are efficient and accurate.

Data fields can be mapped  to information such as:

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Phone Number
  • Reason for Call

These lead fields can be used to prompt agents or to personalise scripts with customer information.

managing contact centre leads
Calling at the right time

Make the Right Call at the Right Time

ipCAPE’s Lead Manager is the perfect feature for sales manager as it has built-in smarts to ensure customer experiences are optimised so you make the right call to the right lead at the right time including:

  • Time zone parameters – which help manage lead lists containing customer in different time zones. Parameters can be set to ensure a lead is only dialled within the appropriate calling window such as business hours

  • Custom data fields – Personalised engagements can be created using customer data  which can be displayed in the lead prompt or used in the campaign script

  • Phone number validation – ipSCAPE validates if a phone number has been input correctly to ensure a campaign has accurate information prior to campaign launch

Deliver Amazing Personalised Service

Personalise the conversations with your customers with agent scripts that provide your team with the right messaging and even customer information. As an example you can include customer information specific to the lead such as customer such as:

  • Customer Name
  • Last Purchase
  • Phone Number
  • Result of last interaction

Delight your customers with personalised engagements to increase sales and reduce average handle time.

Amazing service

Benefits of our Contact Centre Leads Management tool

Users are empowered to effectively upload, map and validate leads.

Personalise Customer Experience

Customer information can be uploaded with the lead list to personalise conversations


Validation Technology

The ipSCAPE system has inbuilt checks and validation rules to ensure phone numbers are loaded correctly 

Timezone Parameters

Call windows can be set for customers who live in different time zones. Customers are only called at appropriate times such as business hours. 

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