Build loyalty and create strong patient engagement

Understand customer behaviour and create patient journeys that foster loyalty and trust in your healthcare organisation. Whether they engage with you through voice, or their digital channel of choice,  you can personalise the conversation to create memorable patient experiences

ipSCAPE’s cloud communication solution is built on Azure and integrates with Microsoft’s innovative suite of applications to enable you to: 

Automatically divert callers to their nearest healthcare clinic

Connect callers directly to available staff at their preferred clinic and utilise IVR technology to communicate trading hours and easily update these with a consistent brand voice using our range of Virtual Agents

Smiling doctor looking talking to a patient on the phone
A doctor easily managing his email inbox and responding to queries

Efficiently manage email queries

ipSCAPE’s email module can help you efficiently manage centralised email inbox accounts, distribute emails to relevant team members, and provide email templates to improve response times.

    Providers, health plans and other stakeholders are turning to digital to meet consumers’ evolving needs and expectations, improve patient engagement and experience, and drive loyalty. Digital transformation is an essential step in preparing for a consumer-centric Future of Health

    Measure and capture key customer experience metrics

    Quality of care and satisfaction is paramount in building loyalty and trust in healthcare. Ensure you can measure and monitor customer experience metrics such as NPS and CSAT using ipSCAPE’s post-call survey solution.

    Man at his computer taking a customer satisfaction survey
    Doctor viewing reports

    Gain reporting visibility

    ipSCAPE reporting can help provide you with greater insights into the volume of calls and the reasons patients are calling. You can leverage this data to create operational efficiencies through a self-service IVR. 

    Offer more communication channels between patients and clinicians

    Service more patients and cater to their communication preferences by providing multiple channels including voice, email, web chat and SMS


    Healthcare professional connecting with patients through email
    An easy and seamless payment processing

    Take secure payments

    Your patients can securely and seamlessly settle their medical bills by taking PCI DSS-compliant payments over the phone