Modern and Innovative BPOs need powerful Communication Technology

Multi-channel Cloud Contact Centre software built for high performing BPOs

Hosted on Microsoft Azure for security and performance

High Performing BPOs need access to cutting edge technology 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies power the sales, marketing, and customer service teams for many organisations around the world. BPOs hold the important duty of delivering on key outcome such as achieving sales targets, customer experience metrics, and fundraising goals.

Outsourcing organisations need to be nimble and resilient to unforeseen disruptions to maintain operations for their clients. 

BPOs have the opportunity to invest in cloud multichannel communication technology to future-proof their business and uphold promises made to clients. Contact centre technology underpins a lot of the activity that supports the foundational role of a BPO. Choosing the right technology can help you set up your business for success and navigate the changing needs of customers. ipSCAPE is a multi-channel contact centre solution that provides BPOs with the tools to meet their client’s expectations now and into the future.  

Deliver Incremental Value Through Innovative Technology

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms are prioritising customer experience and technology that will help them add value to their customers and operations

(CGS, 2019)

Acquire, Delight and Retain Clients

Easily onboard new clients

Create a seamless onboarding experience for your clients using ipSCAPE. Quickly add agents to the system and ensure you are equipped to handle your busy peak periods.

Easily onboard new clients
Create personalised scripts, using a drag and drop module

Create personalised interactions for each client

Tailor your communications and how you engage customers on behalf of your clients. ipSCAPE enables you to create personalised calling scripts through an intuitive, drag-and-drop module.

Provide consistent service for your clients

Your clients rely on your service to achieve key business objectives. As a secure and stable contact centre solution hosted on Azure, you can have the peace of mind that your contact centre will remain operational to provide continued support to clients.

Provide consistent service to customers through a reliable and secure contact centre technology solution
Calls by agent reporting

Offer reporting visibility

Add value to your clients by sharing customer insights through reports and dashboards, so that clients can make better-informed decisions.

Offer working flexibility for your agents

97% of workers desire some form of remote work – whether it is full-time or hybrid remote work

(flexjobs, 2021) 

Communication Technology Your Team will Love to Use

Achieve scalability and flexibility of work

Have the flexibility to operate in a fully remote, or hybrid working environment. As a cloud solution hosted on Azure, agents can access ipSCAPE with just an internet connection and a headset.

Using ipSCAPE's customisable scripting tool to ensure your agents have all relevant information

Empower your agents

Make it easier for your agents who may be working across different client campaigns. ipSCAPE’s scripting tool allows you to build call scripts for your inbound and outbound campaigns to ensure your agents are armed with the right messaging to do their best work.

Reduce agent attrition

Working in a busy, high-performing work environment can cause stressful moments for your agents. ipSCAPE’s Advanced Speech Analytics solution enables you to detect agent stress, dissatisfaction, anger, and other emotions to take proactive action and offer support.

Detect agent stress and engagement levels with ipSCAPE's advanced speech analytics tool