Retail Connect

Click and Collect technology that creates a dynamic, frictionless user experience for retail communications that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty

Delight your customers and improve operational efficiencies with Retail Connect

Unforeseen lockdowns and disruptions to deliveries  have caused retail organisations to be  under increased pressure to meet customer expectations. With more customers contacting stores about click and collect and requiring support, retailers need technology solutions to help them better serve their customers. 

Retail Connect is a communication solution built for retailers to engage with customers from anywhere. Calls are routed to the right store, and an available staff member to ensure the highest levels of service are maintained. 

Retail Communication Technology that integrates with:

The Digital Customer
Retail Connect Software for Click and Collect

Seamless communication with your customers

Is your business currently experiencing:

  • Unprecedented volumes of customer enquiries?
  • High abandoned call rates?
  • Issues with Click and Collect order processes?

ipSCAPE understands the needs of retailers to be agile and responsive. Talk to us about how ipSCAPE’s Retail Connect can help your business today!

Empowering your frontline workforce with simple, intuitive, and secure solutions

Effectively route customer calls

Connect customers directly to available staff at their preferred store locations.

  • Ensure customer queries are quickly addressed by employees
  • Retail Connect will only direct calls to available staff in your stores
  • Integrations with Microsoft Teams  for ‘presence’ visibility to identify available staff

Automate store opening hours

Utilise ipSCAPE’s intelligent IVR technology to communicate store opening hours with a consistent brand voice using ipSCAPE’s range of Virtual Agents.

  • Anticipate customer queries and temper expectations by communicating store hours
  • Find a voice that is right for your brand. Over 24 neural voices  are available with multiple languages and accents 

Improve staff collaboration

Facilitate communication between internal staff through chat and calling functionality

  • Easy and intuitive user interface making it easy to deploy to staff
  • Foster productive internal communication for better customer service
  • Ability to ‘transfer’ to other stores or store managers

Manage 'Click & Collect' communications

Customers can check the status of their orders through a virtual agent on the phone. Customers can call the store in advance to manage contactless pickup or access assistance from the collection point.

  • Ensure a more seamless customer experience
  • Improve efficiencies to manage click and collect collection times

Gain visibility of customer queries

ipSCAPE can integrate with leading applications and BI tools such as Power BI to provide insights into the  reason for customer queries.

This enables businesses to make better operational decisions by:

  • Identifying trends in customer queries and implementing automation workflows
  • Utilising Speech Analytics for QA and compliance


Retail Connect is hosted on Microsoft Azure for unparalleled scalability, capacity and performance.

Retail Connect integrates with a range of Microsoft business applications including:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365


Retailers trust ipSCAPE

“ipSCAPE scales with our business – our usage is seasonal and ipSCAPE helps us provide service to our customers during peak periods through voice and digital channels such as web chat for live support. “

– Leon Dale, Operations Director APAC, Laithwaite’s Wine

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Find out how ipSCAPE can improve your retail customer experience with Retail Connect

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