Web Chat

Interact with customers as they browse your website

Communicate through Live Web Chat

Live web chat functionality facilitates fast customer engagement and provides a scalable, cost-effective solution to increase sales and resolve contact centre customer queries. By offering web chat as a way for customers to communicate with your brand helps to reduce call volumes that need to be handled by your agents.

Agents can service multiple customers through chat windows with features including:

  • Quick response templates
  • Chat history
  • Search functionality
  • File Sharing
  • Emojis

Help your customers find exactly what they need and when they need it, to achieve high customer satisfaction rates while reducing costs.

Easily customise your webchat theme to reflect your brand
Select brand colours and easily customise your website chat theme

An Easy to Implement Live Chat Module

Our contact centre software platform’s customisable chat interface can be configured to reflect the look and feel of your website. Choose a theme, add branding details such as the company logo and define your automated messages for engaging with customers.

ipSCAPE’s Live Web Chat includes features:

  • Automated Greeting
  • Scheduling
  • Email and SMS Triggers
  • Agent Avatars
  • Reporting

Increase Productivity with Multi-Skilled Agents

Multiple customers can be serviced simultaneously through different chat windows.

Contact centre agents access chat, voice and email functionality within the ipSCAPE agent toolbar.  Channels can be prioritised for queue management.

Customer and contact centre agent view of the same web chat interaction

ipSCAPE – the only solution you’ll ever need

Web Chat comes standard with the ipSCAPE contact centre software and can be accessed directly within the Agent Toolbar.


Multiple Chats

Create agent efficiencies with up to five concurrent chat sessions with your call centre agents.

Customer Engagement

Generate better engagement by programming chat messages that instantly respond to a customer. These can be specified for individual campaigns.

Out of Hours

Individualised company messaging when a customer requests information via chat when your offices are closed.


Automated Greeting

Generate better engagement by programming chat messages that instantly respond to a customer. These can be customised to your individual campaigns.


Gain valuable insights about outcomes (wrap codes) and productivity metrics from the reports in the workspace module which can help you identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Email Triggers

Customers instantly receive important information such as terms and conditions, contracts and chat transcripts through emails triggered by specific wrap codes. 

Consistent Branding

The chat widget can be customised to match the look and feel of your website, creating consistency across your channels. 

Chat History

Contact centre agents can resolve customer queries more quickly by accessing past chat history within the agent toolbar. 

Avatar Personalisation

Customers can better engage with agents by choosing to show personalised avatars, agent photos or other graphics to the customer. 

"We have been using the instant messaging chat to support our clients and grow our business"

– Chief Operating Officer, IT Solutions Provider

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