Customer Self-Service

Leverage AI driven Virtual Agents for operational efficiency and to reduce costs

Virtual Agents for AI Automation 

ipSCAPE offers a range of Virtual Agent Voices covering a range of accents and languages. Automate a range of customer service activities including retrieving an account balance, delivery status or notification. 

There are over 15 agents to choose from so if you are looking to create consistency across your IVR for or create self-service opportunities for your customers – try ipSCAPE’s Virtual Agents for your contact centre!

Text to Speech feature of the list of neural voices in ipSCAPE
Stay in contact with customers using SMS

Reduce Operational Costs

A reduction in contact centre budget shouldn’t impact the user experience.

Encouraging customers to resolve their queries via self-service reduces operational costs. Interacting with an IVR is cheaper than speaking with an agent – but provides the customer with the tools to answer their enquiry quickly.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer queries are resolved quickly by an agent or self-service with ipSCAPE’s IVR.

The innovative, easy-to-use interface allows you to customise the IVR.

Music, voice recordings, menus and multiple branches can be personalised and assist the caller on their journey.

Integration with any web-based service or CRM, creates unique routing paths based on customer information.

Workflow builder for IVR

Features to help your customers self-serve

Reduce operational costs and resolve customer queries more quickly with ipSCAPE.

IVR CRM Integration

Maintain accurate customer records in leading CRMs by integrating information captured in the IVR. Use customer information such as location, previous purchases, VIP callers to create personalised interactions . 

Intelligent IVR

Personalise the user experience by integrating your IVR with a Web Services connector, creating an intelligent IVR.  Your customers can retrieve information such as their ‘account balance’.


Customised IVR

Reduce contact centre costs by encouraging more customers to self-serve. IVRs can be easily created and customised to increase self-service rates.

Interactive Dashboards

Get instant access to information required to successfully run your contact centre, by combining data into a single dashboard.


Make Secure Payments

ipSCAPE’s secure payment options can be integrated into your IVR, facilitating secure self-service payments without the need for an agent interaction.


Post Call Survey

Collect customer satisfaction data through surveys you can incorporate in the IVR.

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