Route, access and respond to contact centre customer emails more efficiently

Respond to Customer Emails Faster

Emails or completed web forms can be routed into contact centre team members to respond in a timely manner.

Customisable email templates can be created in ipSCAPE’s contact centre software to increase response rates and achieve greater messaging consistency.  

Multichannel Capabilities
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Channel Prioritisation

In a blended agent environment, call centre agents can serve customers using Voice, Web Chat and Email channels.

The ipSCAPE solution enables call centre agents to prioritise calls over emails with inbuilt tools such as ‘save to draft’, ensuring agents can easily serve customers across multiple channels.

Automate Communications

Email campaigns can be automated to create seamless customer engagement experiences. After a call is wrapped, an email confirmation can be automatically sent to the customer. The wrap code defines the specific email that is automatically generated.

Emails can also be sent by the call centre agent when on a call, using the script.

Similarly, if an agent is busy on a call, a customer can leave a voicemail which is emailed to the agent. They can listen to the recording and respond as necessary. Web forms can be converted to email and routed to agents for faster response times.

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ipSCAPE – The Only Solution You’ll Ever Need

Use the latest cloud contact centre technology innovations to connect with your customers and create exceptional customer experiences.


Accurate Email Routing

Resolve customer queries more quickly. Incoming emails are filtered and accurately directed to a campaign queue based on keywords. These can be contained in the email address, subject line or body, e.g. complaint, buy, compliment, product name.

Standardised Email Templates

Create efficiencies and brand consistency through predefined html and plain text outbound email templates. These can contain boilerplate text and standard documents as attachments, for a uniform look and feel.

Consolidated Information

Important customer enquiry information can be gathered by ipSCAPE’s cloud contact centre software from web chats and IVR inputs and consolidated into emails, ensuring all relevant data is included.

Defined Service Levels

Meet predefined service level agreements using email service parameters.


Security Standard

Improve and customise security standard levels through support of  email Transport Layer Security (TSL) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols.

Clone Campaigns

Streamline campaign processes with cloning. This can include a choice of contact centre agent assignments, scripts, and email templates.


Customisable Emails

Agents can answer customer email enquiries with free-format emails. These are emails not based on a pre-defined template. This functionality can be enabled or disabled to suit business requirements.


Campaign Emails

Emails that relate to a campaign can be sent through the corporate email server. This allows the recipient to know where the email has originated, but no single agent emails are identified.


Create Email Drafts

Improve contact centre agent productivity by enabling agents to save an email draft that is in progress whilst they receive another call. The agent can later return to the email draft to complete it.

"We’re finding that online is an increasingly important channel for us, so allowing our customers to get help right there and then is really critical."

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